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William T. Stone worked in the U.S. State Department during World War II. Stone was accused by Sen Joseph McCarthy as a security/loyalty risk.

As early as 1946, the Bannerman Security Screening Board of the State Department concluded that Stone should be "terminated", that Stone's "continued presence in the Department is embarrassing...that he be given an opportunity to resign" and failing to do so should result in his forced termination "under Civil Service Rule 3." The State Department failed to act on this recommendation and Stone continued working in the State Department. Stone was on the Communist controlled editorial board of Amerasia magazine, recommended fellow Amerasia members to jobs with the U.S. State Department, informed Venona identified Communist and espionage operative, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster of an adverse security report concerning Silvermaster, was constantly under investigation as a security/loyalty risk, and was eventually given the opportunity to resign, which he did in 1952. Stone was McCarthy's Case #46 and Lee list #54.[1]


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