YouTube videos with an atheistic, classical liberalism, political viewpoint see a decline from 2017 to present

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YouTube atheist/skeptic videos which have a classical liberalism, political perspective see a decline in views from 2017 to present while conservative YouTube videos see a marked rise in views during this same period as can be seen above.[1]

According to the academic paper A Supply and Demand Framework for YouTube Politics by Kevin Munger & Joseph Phillips. Penn State Political Science, October 1, 2019:

The second segment of the AIN [(Alternative Influence Network, who belong politically to classicial liberalism)] include people in what we describe as the "Skeptic" community. These include people like Carl Benjamin ("Sargon of Akkad"), former candidate for European Parliament; Jordan Peterson, known for his opposition to a bill adding gender expression and identity as protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act; and Dave Rubin, a former affiliate of the progressive Young Turks. This segment of the AIN agrees, in principle, with most liberal values, and often "Skeptics" say they used to consider themselves part of the mainstream left. Where Skeptics define themselves in contrast to the mainstream left is through opposition to certain practices, namely explicit appeals to marginalized racial and gender identities and the use of no-platforming against far-right speakers. However, unlike further-right segments of the AIN, they also strongly criticize the far-right for its own use of identity politics to bolster white supremacy."[2][3]

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