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    <protectedtitles ptcontinue="20170705041551|3|JamesWilson" />
      <pt ns="2" title="User:Conservative/Gentlemen" timestamp="2019-05-20T14:45:40Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="3" title="User talk:Conservative/Classical and related music" timestamp="2018-07-23T04:34:08Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Joseph Belloc" timestamp="2018-07-04T02:33:28Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="2" title="User:Conservative/gentlemen" timestamp="2018-04-28T21:01:55Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Taylor Swift hates the Lord" timestamp="2017-07-13T03:19:00Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Taylor Swift hates the Lord" timestamp="2017-07-13T03:18:32Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Taylor Swift in a nightgown is unholy" timestamp="2017-07-06T01:49:34Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Taylor Swift causes men to lust after the flesh" timestamp="2017-07-06T01:48:56Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Taylor Swift the Harlot" timestamp="2017-07-06T00:01:01Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="2" title="User:JamesWilson" timestamp="2017-07-05T04:16:32Z" level="sysop" />