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    <categories clcontinue="3019|Zionism" />
      <page pageid="3019" ns="0" title="Albert Einstein">
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Agnostics" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:American Jews" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:European Jews" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Featured articles" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:German People" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Jewish People" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Nobel Laureates in Physics" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Physicists" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Religion and Politics" />
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Scientific Pioneers" />