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1993 World Trade Center bombing

Damage Done By 1993 Truck Bombing

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was an attack on the World Trade Center which killed 6 and injured 1,042.


The WTC became a symbol of American capitalism and economic dominance, and therefore a vulnerable target for Islamic terrorists. On February 26, 1993, Islamic terrorists detonated a massive truck bomb in an underground parking lot with the goal of knocking the towers over and killing its capacity of 25,000 workers. The attack severely damaged the Vista Hotel, which had to be renovated. Inside the building, people smashed windows for fresh air. The smoke left the entrance of the hotel. About 1,000 were injured inside the building, either from smoke inhalation, or injury from the blast. Six people were killed by the attack. The terrorists' goal of destroying the towers failed, and a memorial was placed in the plaza but was destroyed during the September 11th attacks.

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