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: Belgium - 5 in 2000, 3 in 2012
: Belgium - 5 in 2000, 3 in 2012
: Canada - 12 in 2004, 18 in 2012
: Canada - 12 in 2004, 18 in 2012
: Denmark - 7 in 2008, 9 in 2012
: Iceland - 1 in 2008, 0 in 2012
: Netherlands - 25 in 2000, 20 in 2012
: Netherlands - 25 in 2000, 20 in 2012
: Norway - 6 in 2004, 4 in 2012
: Norway - 6 in 2004, 4 in 2012
: Portugal - 2 in 2008, 1 in 2012
: South Africa - 6 in 2004, 6 in 2012
: South Africa - 6 in 2004, 6 in 2012
: Spain - 19 in 2004, 17 in 2012
: Spain - 19 in 2004, 17 in 2012
: Sweden - 5 in 2008, 8 in 2012
: Total - 94 expected, 90 actual
: Total - 94 expected, 90 actual
|Men's Handball
|Men's Handball

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad and informally as London 2012, is occurring in London from July 27 through August 12.[1] During the Modern Olympic Games, the pagan origins of the Olympics have been replaced by faith-based achievement by the participating athletes.

2012 Olympics - Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism

See also: Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism

The Sports Journal is a monthly refereed journal published by the United States Sports Academy. A journal article appeared in the Sports Journal entitled Strength of Religious Faith of Athletes and Nonathletes at Two NCAA Division III Institutions. The article was submitted by Nathan T. Bell, Scott R. Johnson, and Jeffrey C. Petersen from Ball State University.[2]

An excerpt from the abstract of the journal article Strength of Religious Faith of Athletes and Nonathletes at Two NCAA Division III Institutions declares:

Numerous studies report athletes to be more religious than nonathletes (Fischer, 1997; Storch, Kolsky, Silvestri, & Storch, 2001; Storch et al., 2004). According to Storch, Kolsky, Silvestri, and Storch (2001), four reasons may explain why religion interacts with athletic performance. First, athletes may identify with religious beliefs for direction and humility. Second, athletes may turn to religion to gain a sense of optimism and security, benefiting from such beliefs following a disappointing athletic performance. Third, religion can be used for emotional and psychological support in stressful circumstances like the uncertainty of athletic competition, which can cause athletes an overwhelming amount of anxiety. Religious beliefs can offer the internal strength to persevere through the stress. Fourth, religion “provides a cognitive framework conducive to the relief of anxiety associated with competition” (Storch et al., 2001, p. 347). This framework allows relief from fear and anxiety on the basis of the athlete’s understanding (i.e., belief) that a supreme being is in complete control of the situation. For example, athletes may rely on religious faith to place a poor athletic performance in perspective...

Religion can be an important aspect in athletes’ lives and may serve a protective function against psychological distress and maladaptive behaviors such as substance use or aggression (Storch, Roberti, Bravata, & Storch, 2004). Viewers of sporting events can frequently observe athletes pointing to the sky, engaging in team prayer on the court or field, and glorifying God following athletic competitions.[3]

Atheism and sports performance

Besides lacking the aforementioned benefits that religion bestows on athletes, atheists have higher rates of depression and suicide than the religious (see: Atheism and mental health and Atheism and depression and Atheism and suicide). This suggests that atheism is a detriment to sports performance.

2012 Olympics: faith vs. atheism

A number of Christian athletes have thanked God for their 2012 Olympic medals (see below). To date, no Olympic athlete at the 2012 Olympic games has credited atheism with providing them enhanced sport performance.

Political Questions Being Resolved by the Games

Athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees are participating.[4]

Sports contests having the greatest political interest are (note especially the growing list of lack of public schools for the gold medalists below):

Sport Political issue Answer
Multiple How many athletes will do the equivalent of Tebowing after a victory? American Meb Keflezighi, who won the silver medal in the marathon in 2004, typically gives glory to God with the sign of the Cross after finishing a race.[5] The first American medalist (silver) in the 10k since 1964, Galen Rupp, reportedly has a strong Catholic faith and attended Catholic high school.

The first gold medalist for Ireland since 1996, boxer Katie Taylor said after winning: "I serve an amazing God and without Him I wouldn't be here without this gold medal around my neck." Her boxing robe contained the verse, "The Lord is my shepherd and my shield."[6]

After winning the all-around women's gymnastic title, Gabby Douglas tweeted, "Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Missy Franklin, who ranks second behind Michael Phelps (he's won 4 gold in 2012, 18 in career) with three gold medals at the 2012 games, thanked God as one of her first comments after winning.

Bernard Lagat, a medalist at prior Olympics, did the Sign of the Cross just before he was introduced to the crowd for the 5k race. He then "finished fourth after being clipped from behind in the final 200 meters," but showed tremendous sportsmanship, praised the winner, and gave thanks afterward as "the most blessed person during my career."[7]

Ethiopian Tiki Gelana remarkably overcame a mid-race fall to win the women's marathon, after thinking "thank God" at the beginning of the race for the rain because she grew up running in rainy weather - but the lamestream media reported her quote with a small "g" for "God".[8]

Soccer players in the United Arab Emirates team kneeled towards Mecca when they scored a goal. They did not advance to the quarterfinals. Mohamed Farah (GB) gave thanks to Allah by kneeling towards Mecca after he won the 10000 metres track race.

Double-amputee runner Oscar Pistorius noted that he thanks God "Because He is the reason for my success and the one that takes me from strength to strength."[5]

Multiple Will almost no athletes from public school sports programs win any gold medals, despite how public schools spend more than $500 billion annually to teach and train Americans? The lamestream media state that Missy Franklin, the star swimmer, is a high school student, but fail to mention that she attends Catholic school rather than public school.

American 2012 Olympic gold medal winners (as of 8/1/2012)

  • Private: Missy Franklin (Catholic high school)[9], Katie Ledecky (Catholic high school)
  • Homeschooled: Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney
  • College or adult: Michael Phelps,[10] Dana Vollmer, Vincent Hancock, Conor Dwyer, Kristin Armstrong, Nathan Adrian, Allison Schmitt, Shannon Vreeland, Kim Rhode, Ryan Lochte, Matt Grevers, Aly Raisman, Ricky Berens, Jamie Lynn Gray, Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan, Serena Williams.
  • Public school: Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber won a group gold medal as part of the team led by homeschooled Gabby Douglas
Multiple How many athletes will be unfairly expelled based on liberal censorship of their free speech? One athlete -- Greek triple-jumper Voula Papachristou -- was expelled from the Greek National team by her own country's Olympic committee before it officially opened based on a one-sentence joke about immigration, even though she apologized. The joke in question was this from her Twitter: "With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!" It should be noted that Papachristou apologized for the tweet.

In addition to the Greek Olympic Committee's decision on Papachristou, the IOC's own twitter-use policy has been criticized for hindering free speech. The policy, which is claimed to protect the IOC's commercial rights, goes as far as to prevent athletes from "reporting on events". According to The Globe and Mail, even a tweet such as "Won our games against China, USA. Next up, the Brazilians," could get an athlete expelled from the Games without notice. As of yet, no athletes have been expelled by the IOC for this social media censorship policy.

Lolo Jones, a pro-abstinence American hurdler, is being criticized by the lamestream media for sending out a pro-Second Amendment tweet.

The liberal thought police expelled a Swiss soccer player for tweeting that South Koreans are "retards."[11]

Opening Ceremonies Will Overrated Sports Star David Beckham be selected to light the Olympic cauldron? Beckham was not selected as the final torchbearer. He was, however, a passenger on the speedboat that carried the torch up the River Thames. He assisted in the hand-off of the torch to Sir Steve Redgrave, one of Britain's greatest Olympians. Sebastian Coe, chairman of London 2012, stated, "He [Beckham] will be more than an ambassador given what he has done, the commitment he has given and the amount of time he has spent with us in London on this project. He was not only alongside us when we won [the right to host the Olympics], he was alongside us when we threw our hats in the ring."[12]
Multiple will atheist nations underachieve in team sports? In women's soccer, France defeated Sweden in the quarterfinals but lost to Japan in the semifinals. They lost to Canada in the bronze medal game.

On the men's side, Great Britain won their group with 2 wins and a draw. They lost to South Korea in the quarterfinals.

Australia failed to qualify for either soccer event. This was their first time attempting to qualify out of the Asian Zone instead of the significantly weaker Oceanic Zone, so this may have been a factor. They will, however, send teams in most other team sports, since they qualify from the Oceanic Zone in those.

In women's basketball, France won Group B with a 5-0 record, while Australia finished 4-1 in the same group. Great Britain is 0-5. France and Australia won their quarterfinals. France will face Russia in the semifinals while Australia will face the United States.

In women's handball, Great Britain finished 0-5-0 and France is 4-0-1 (W-L-D). France lost to Montenegro the quarterfinals. Handball is almost unknown in GB, with only a dozen or so clubs, in stark contrast to most other countries in Western Europe.

In men's basketball, Great Britain finished 1-4 in the group stage and was eliminated. Australia finished 3-2, fourth in their group, and lost to the USA in the quarterfinals. France finished 4-1 and will face Spain in the quarterfinals. Basketball is a minor sport in GB, much less played than in continental Europe, and GB would have considered themselves lucky if they had won a match.

In men's volleyball, Great Britain finished 0-5 and Australia finished 2-3. Neither advanced to the quarterfinals. Volleyball is very much a minor sport in GB. They only had a volleyball team in the Olympics because they were host nation and they did not expect to win any of their matches.

Multiple Similarly, will atheist nations underachieve in general? China, an officially atheist and communist country, led in gold medals in the first week but then dropped badly to a distant second place behind the United States, despite China having more than three times the population of the United States and despite having a national program designed to produce champion athletes. Increasingly atheistic Australia performed much worse than expectations. Australia has 35 medals, but only 7 gold medals. France has 34 medals, of which 11 are gold. In 2008, Australia won 46 medals and France won 41. Australia won 14 golds that year, a total that they are unlikely to surpass at this point.
wrestling have feminist Title IX quotas destroyed the U.S. team? The 2008 U.S. men's wrestling team won one gold and one bronze medal.[13] The 2012 U.S. team has won two gold medals and two bronze medals.[14]
men's basketball will selfless play by outspoken Christian Kevin Durant overcome ball-hogging by Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James on USA Basketball? The USA will face Argentina in their semifinal. They are undefeated so far, but had a close match-up against Lithuania.
men's tennis will one of the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars -- such as Novak Djokovic -- win the gold medal? Will Andy Murray of atheistic Britain underperform? Both players advanced to the semifinals, where Murray defeated Djokovic in straight sets. Murray defeated Roger Federer of Switzerland for the gold in straight sets, while Djokovic underperformed and lost to Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina in the bronze medal match. Murray then went on to play in mixed doubles match that same day and medalled silver with Laura Robson, losing to the heavily favoured Mirnyi and Azarenka.
8-month pregnant athlete Will the lamestream media report on Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi of Malaysia, who is competing while being 8 months pregnant, or does that send too pro-life of a message? Taibi was eliminated from the Olympics on the first day of official competition after finishing in 34th place. Few articles mentioned her prior to her elimination; there was more publicity about her after her defeat.[15][16][17][18] The New York Times ran an article on the athlete on 16 July 2012,[19] The Guardian [20] and ESPN [21] both reported on her results in the competition.
women's soccer ranked #1 and won the gold in the last two Olympics, most recently with a foreign coach. Now that this U.S. team is politically correct, will it underachieve?[22] Major rivals will be Japan, Brazil and France. Politcal correctness triumphed as the foreign-born reportedly lesbian coach of the U.S. team led them to repeat their previous gold medal performance.
Gun events Will the lamestream media downplay the gun events because they want to continue to push gun control? Great Britain shooter Peter Wilson's gold medal success in the double-trap clay pigeon event was widely reported and celebrated in the British media, despite Britain being strong in favor of gun control. The victory of South Korean air pistol shooter Jin in winning the first gold medal of the games was reported in most GB media. Coverage is similar to other sports with modest national following. See the entry above on the Malaysian shooter for an exception to this lack of coverage.
Openly homosexual athletes Will the liberal media overpromote homosexual athletes, far beyond their achievements? Several months before the games, Sports Illustrated ran a feature article entitled "The Transgender Athlete", which included significant overage of a transgender female-to-male shotputter attempting to qualify for the United States women's Olympic team. However, she failed to qualify at the US Olympic Trials, and as such has not received coverage during the actual Olympics.
Multiple Will countries that have implemented same-sex marriage underperform? (See below for a more lengthy explanation) The total number of medals decreased by more than 4%: a decline of 4 out of 94 in 2008. This 4.3% decrease is not statistically significant at any common alpha level.[23]
Belgium - 5 in 2000, 3 in 2012
Canada - 12 in 2004, 18 in 2012
Netherlands - 25 in 2000, 20 in 2012
Norway - 6 in 2004, 4 in 2012
South Africa - 6 in 2004, 6 in 2012
Spain - 19 in 2004, 17 in 2012
Total - 94 expected, 90 actual
Men's Handball Will heavy underdogs Tunisia overperform in Group A? Group A should perhaps be dubbed the "Group of Left", since the other five teams are Sweden, Iceland, and Argentina, where same-sex marriage is legal, and increasingly atheistic Great Britain and France. Tunisia went 2-3 in the group stage, becoming just the second African team ever to advance to the quarterfinals. They then lost to Croatia, the winner of Group B.
Joke sports Will underperforming countries pad their medal totals by excelling in many varieties of swimming and in non-serious sports like badminton and dressage? Depends on what is a "joke sport". For instance, although swimming is a competitive, tough, sport, nations are able to pad their medal total due to the large number of events. The USA has 31 medals in swimming, Great Britain has only three. In Equestrian, a clear joke sport, but with far fewer events than swimming, Great Britain has five medals and the USA has none. Neither country received a medal in badminton.

(add more)

Nations that have implemented same-sex marriage









South Africa



Underachievement by nations allowing same sex marriage will be particularly evident.[25]

Nations that are increasingly atheistic

Underachievement by atheistic nations will be particularly evident in the team sports, where spiritual motivation is usually non-existent. Expect the atheistic nations to underachieve most notably in soccer, where teamwork is paramount.

Also, since Great Britain is the host nation, it may receive a boost in performance in spite of its increasingly atheistic nature. One should be careful to account for this when comparing Britain's performance this year to that in previous Olympic Games.


Individual Events

Team Events

Expected Medals

Many factors contribute to a country's success in the Olympics (e.g., population, proximity to host country, culture), and Gross Domestic Product cannot be used as a fair proxy, due to low (per capita) GDP China comfortably coming first in the 2008 Olympics and Russia ranking third. Below is how the Olympic medals would be awarded if each country earned medals in proportion to their GDP, which vastly overestimates the United States' performance.


The 2012 games mark the 40th anniversary of 11 Israeli Olympic team members taken hostage and killed by Palestinian terrorist group Black September. The Internal Olympic Committee has been urged to offer a commemorative moment of silence for the athletes at the opening ceremony. The IOC has rejected the moment of silence or any mention of the tragic event so as not to upset Muslim countries. [27] Sportscaster Bob Costas says NBC will honor the Munich 11 despite IOC’s refusal to allow it. [28]

NBC Coverage

Scorn for Comcast's NBC coverage of the Olympic games hit America coast to coast. Viewers have taken to the internet with the trend #NBCfail for days now. The groans began at the opening ceremony when American viewers were denied the tribute to British victims of Islamic terrorism. As the games moved forward, live events were interrupted or had already finished, replaced with commercials and NBC commentators talking about the athletes. It has been reported the Comcast spent $1 billion for the rights to televise the 2012 Olympics.

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