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(They will be independent olympic athletes)
(a foreigner who is reportedly a lesbian was selected as the head coach of the American Olympic women's soccer team. Aren't there American coaches good enough to run the Olympic team?)
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|women's soccer
|women's soccer
|will the [[U.S.]] team underachieve?
|will the [[[politically correct]] [U.S.]] team underachieve?<ref>For example, a foreigner who is reportedly a lesbian was selected as the head coach of the American Olympic women's soccer team.  Aren't there American coaches good enough to run the Olympic team?</ref>

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad and informally as London 2012, will be held in London from July 27 through August 12. This makes London the first city to host the Games three times - the previous occasions being in 1908 and 1948. The Olympic Games have pagan origins; the torch relay was first used for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Nazi Berlin. During the Modern Olympic Games, the pagan origins of the Olympics have been replaced by faith-based achievement by the participating athletes.[Citation Needed]

The 2012 games mark the 40th anniversary of 11 Israeli Olympic team members taken hostage and killed by Palestinian terrorist group Black September. The Internal Olympic Committee has been urged to offer a commemorative moment of silence for the athletes at the opening ceremony. The IOC has rejected the moment of silence or any mention of the tragic event so as not to upset Muslim countries. [1] Sportscaster Bob Costas says NBC will honor the Munich 11 despite IOC’s refusal to allow it. [2]

Athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees will be participating. Sports contests having the greatest political interest are:

Sport Political issue Answer
Opening Ceremonies Will Overrated Sports Star David Beckham be selected to light the Olympic cauldron? TBA
Multiple will atheist nations underachieve in team sports? TBA
Multiple How many athletes will do the equivalent of Tebowing after a victory? Probably not many, given the aftermath of the black power salute at the 1968 Summer Olympics
wrestling have feminist Title IX quotas destroyed the U.S. team? TBA
men's basketball will selfless play by outspoken Christian Kevin Durant overcome ball-hogging by Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James on USA Basketball? TBA
men's tennis will one of the Greateat Conservative Sports Stars -- such as Novak Djokovic -- win the gold medal? Will Andy Murray of atheistic Britain underperform? TBA
women's soccer will the [[[politically correct]] [U.S.]] team underachieve?[3] TBA
Men's Handball Will heavy underdogs Tunisia overperform in Group A? Group A should perhaps be dubbed the "Group of Left", since the other five teams are Sweden, Iceland, and Argentina, where same-sex marriage is legal, and increasingly atheistic Great Britain and France. TBA

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Nations that have implemented same-sex marriage









South Africa



Underachievement by nations allowing same sex marriage will be particularly evident.[5]

Nations that are increasingly atheistic

Underachievement by atheistic nations will be particularly evident in the team sports, where spiritual motivation is usually non-existent. Expect the atheistic nations to underachieve most notably in soccer, where teamwork is paramount.

Also, since Great Britain is the host nation, it may receive a boost in performance in spite of its increasingly atheistic nature. One should be careful to account for this when comparing Britain's performance this year to that in previous Olympic Games.


Expected Medals

There are many factors that contribute to a countries success in the Olympics (population, proximity host country, culture) and Gross Domestic Product cannot be used as a fair proxy, due to low-GDP China comfortably coming first in the 2008 Olympics and Russia ranking third. Below is how the Olympic medals would be awarded if each country earned medals in proportion to their GDP, which vastly overestimates the United States' performance.

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  2. Bob Costas Says He Will Observe Moment of Silence For Victims of 1972 Munich Massacre, WeaselZippers, July 21, 2012
  3. For example, a foreigner who is reportedly a lesbian was selected as the head coach of the American Olympic women's soccer team. Aren't there American coaches good enough to run the Olympic team?
  4. Although part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba competes separately at the Olympic Games. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Aruba, although marriages performed in the European mainland Netherlands are recognized per the Kingdom's requirements. Additionally, the territories of Curacao and Sint Maarten, who will compete as "Independent Olympic Athletes" under the Olympic Flag following the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles and the loss of recognition of their Olympic Committee, have the same regulations as Aruba with regards to same-sex marriage. Since citizens of these territories are also Dutch citizens, they are also eligible to compete for Team Netherlands. Therefore, they may have won some of the Dutch medals. In all three territories, the population is heavily Catholic and there is large opposition to same-sex marriage in spite of the Kingdom's requirements. When Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba opted to integrate fully with the Netherlands as part of the dissolution, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a law that will make same sex-marriage legal in those territories effective in October 2012. However, this law was strongly opposed by locals. Athletes from those three territories were permitted to compete as Independent Olympic Athletes as well. However, of the four IOAs at the Olympics, three are from Curacao and one is a marathoner from South Sudan, which does not yet have a national Olympic Committee.
  5. In the United States, 6 out of 50 states permit same-sex marriage (Washington, D.C. also permits same-sex marriage), and 8 additional states permit civil unions. Two states (including Washington, which had previously recognized civil unions) have declared same-sex marriage legal, but implementation is postponed until after voter referendums on the laws in November 2012. Additionally, in Mexico, same-sex marriage is legal in Mexico City, a federal district roughly equivalent to Washington, DC, as well as in the state of Quintana Roo.
  6. Since the 2001 Australians have increasingly answered "no religion" in the official census. The growing numbers of those answering "no religion" has coincided with fewer people self-identifying as Christian: Year Book Australia, 2008