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2017 Portland train murders

On May 26, 2017, Jeremy Christian, a disturbed homeless man, stabbed three men, killing two, on a mass transit train in Portland, Oregon. According to media reports, Christian made anti-Muslim remarks to two teenage girls who appeared to be Muslim. Reports also say that he made other "anti-everything" and "anti-religious" remarks. The three men were stabbed as they attempted to defend the girls.[1]

The left-wing media was quick to label Christian as "racist," "right-wing," "Islamophobic" and a "white separatist," despite the fact that his Facebook posts painted a very different picture, showing him to be left-wing in his opinions, such as supporting atheism, marijuana use, and opposing controversial oil pipelines, and to hate all "monotheists," including Jews and Christians, and to be anti-racist. He was also vehemently opposed to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, religion, the state of Israel, and circumcision, the sort of conflicting ideology often found in morally misled terrorists.[2] He stated that what he did was "patriotism," and within free speech guidelines.[3]

He also claimed on Facebook to have voted for Bernie Sanders, whom praised for possibly being an atheist or agnostic and his favorable views on marijuana legislation, and supported Jill Stein in the 2016 presidential election, was rejected by Trump voters at events, and held many other left-wing positions.[4][5]