2022 gubernatorial elections

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2022 United States gubernatorial elections which will be with 2022 midterm elections on November 8, 2022, will take place on 36 districts.


Republican primary candidates

  • Kay Ivey, current Governor
  • Lynda Blanchard, Former Ambassador
  • Dean Odle, pastor
  • Tim James, businessman
  • Dave Thomas, incumbent mayor of Springville


RINO Governor Doug Ducey will end his second and last term. Kari Lake is the most prominent candidate in Republican party, she mostly will challenged by Katie Hobbs.

Republican primary candidates

  • Kari Lake, former News anchor
  • Steve Gaynor, businessman
  • Matt Salmon, formr U.S. Representative
  • Karrin Taylor Robson, land developer and member of the Arizona Board of Regents

Democrat primary candidates

  • Katie Hobbs, current Arizona Secretary of State
  • Aaron Lieberman, former state representative
  • Marco López Jr., former chief of staff for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (2009–2011)


Governor Asa Hutchinson will end his second and last term (he is term-limited). Sarah Huckabee Sanders has announced to run, two other Republican candidates later withdrew for other races after polling showed Sanders at nearly 75% of the primary voters (she also is above 50% in polling over all announced Democrat candidates). Should Sanders win she and her father (former Governor Mike Huckabee) would be the first father-child pairing to serve as Arkansas Governor and only the second pairing from the same family to do so.


Gavin Newsom will run for second term. Unfortunately he is likely to win.

Republican primary candidate

  • Brian Dahle, State Senator
  • Laura S. Smith, Activist
  • Anthony Trimino, Business owner
  • Major Williams

Other candidates

  • James G. Hanink, Former Loyola Marymount University philosophy professor as Independent.
  • Reinette Senum, Former Mayor of Nevada City run as Independent


Current faucist governor Jared Polis will be challenged by Heidi Ganahl or Greg Lopez.

Republican primary candidates

  • Heidi Ganahl, businesswoman and member of the Regents of the University of Colorado
  • Greg Lopez, former mayor of Parker
  • Jim Rundberg, U.S. Army veteran

Democrat primary candidate

Other parties


Governor Ron DeSantis will be challenged mostly by Charlie Crist. Should DeSantis win it will be his second and final term as Governor due to term limits (Crist, himself a former Governor, lost after his first term, then switched parties).

Democrat primary candidates

  • Charlie Crist, current U.S. representative and former Republican governor of Florida
  • Nikki Fried, Florida commissioner of agriculture
  • Annette Taddeo, state senator and nominee for lieutenant governor in 2014


RINO Governor Brian Kemp will be challenged in primary from David Perdue. Democrat candidate will be far left socialist Stacey Abrams.

Republican primary candidates

  • Brian Kemp, incumbent Governor
  • David Perdue, former U.S. Senator from Georgia (2015–2021)
  • Kandiss Taylor, educator and candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020


There will be battleground race in primary between current Governor Brad Little and current Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin.

Republican primary candidates

  • Brad Little, Current Governor
  • Janice McGeachin, Current Lieutenant Governor
  • Ed Humphreys, financial advisor and Region IV chair of the Idaho Republican Party.
  • Steve Bradshaw, Bonner County commissioner
  • Ben Cannady
  • Walter French
  • Ashley Jackson
  • Lisa Marie, entrepreneur, humanitarian, mother
  • Cody Usabel


J.B. Pritzker will run for re election. he is likely to win

Republican primary candidates

  • Darren Bailey, member of the Illinois Senate
  • Richard C. Irvin, mayor of Aurora, Illinois
  • Paul Schimpf, former member of the Illinois Senate
  • Gary Rabine, businessman
  • Jesse Sullivan, venture capitalist and founder of Alter Global


Governor Kim Reynolds will be challenged mostly by Deidre DeJear. she is likely to win.


Current faucist governor Laura Kelly, mostly she will be challenged by Derek Schmidt. latest polls isnt with her side.


Current faucist governor Janet Mills will run for second term. she will be challenged mostly by former governor Paul LePage.


Current Governor Larry Hogan will end his second and last term. The most prominent republican candidate is Daniel Cox. the most prominent democrat candidate is Peter Franchot


Current corrupt and faucist governor Gretchen Whitmer will seek for second term. she will be mostly challenged by former chief of Detroit Police Department James Craig.

Republican primary candidates

  • James Craig, former Chief of the Detroit Police Department (2013–2021)
  • Mike Brown, captain in the Michigan State Police
  • Donna Brandenburg, businesswoman
  • Tudor Dixon, conservative media personality
  • Austin Chenge, businessman and U.S. Army veteran
  • Bob Scott, Vice President of the Evangelical Alliance Ministerial Association
  • Ryan D. Kelley, Allendale Township Planning commissioner
  • Ralph Rebandt, Farmington Hills pastor
  • Kevin Rinke, businessman
  • Garrett Soldano, Chiropractor, businessman and former co-chairman of Unlock Michigan
  • Evan Space, Michigan Army National Guard veteran and candidate for governor in 2018


Current faucist governor Tim Walz will be challenged mostly by Dr Scott Jensen.

Republican primary candidates

  • Scott Jensen, family medicine physician and former state senator
  • Michelle Benson, state senator
  • Paul Gazelka, state senator and former majority leader of the Minnesota Senate
  • Rich Stanek, former Hennepin County Sheriff
  • Mike Murphy, mayor of Lexington
  • Kendall Qualls, Republican nominee for Minnesota's 3rd congressional district in 2020
  • Neil Shah, physician and business owner
  • Scott Magie, international board of directors, businessman, engineer, energy developer, owner of multiple Minnesota businesses and pilot


Current Governor Pete Ricketts will end his second and last term. the most prominent candidate is Charles W. Herbster who endorsed by president Trump and Jim Pillen who was endorsed by governor Pete Rickets. Jim Pillen won by only 4 points over Herbster.

Republican primary candidates

  • Jim Pillen, pig farmer, agribusinessman and member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents
  • Charles W. Herbster, farmer and candidate for governor in 2014
  • Theresa Thibodeau, former state senator (2017–2019) and former chair of the Douglas County Republican Party
  • Brett Lindstrom, financial advisor, state senator and candidate for Nebraska's 2nd congressional district in 2012
  • Michael Connely, educational advisor
Candidate Votes  %
Jim Pillen 88,569 33.9%
Charles Herbster 79,068 30.2%
Brett Lindstrom 67,375 25.8%
Theresa Thibodeau 15,861 6.1%
Breland Ridenour 4,534 1.7%
Michael Connely 2,799 1.1%
Donna Nicole Carpenter 1,534 0.6%
Lela McNinch 1,135 0.4%
Troy Wentz 688 0.3%

Democrat primary candidates

  • Carol Blood, state senator
  • Roy A. Harris
Candidate Votes  %
Carol Blood 82,484 87%
Roy Harris 10,739 11.3%


Current faucist governor Steve Sisolak will run for re election. the most prominent republican candidate is sheriff Joe Lombardo who will be challenged in primary by former RINO senator Dean Heller.

Republican primary candidates

  • Joe Lombardo, sheriff of Clark County (2015–present)
  • Dean Heller, former U.S. senator (2011–2019)
  • Michele Fiore, Las Vegas City Councilwoman
  • Joey Gilbert, attorney and former boxer
  • John Lee, mayor of North Las Vegas (2013–present)
  • Thomas Heck, retired air force officer
  • Guy Nohra, venture capitalist
  • Fred J. Simon, small business owner and surgeon
  • Barak Zilberg real estate investor

New Mexico

Current faucist governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will run for re election. she will be challenged Mark Ronchetti or Gregory Zanetti.

Republican primary candidates

  • Rebecca Dow, state representative (2017–present)
  • Ethel Maharg, Right to Life of New Mexico executive director
  • Jay Block, Sandoval County commissioner and retired U.S. Air Force officer
  • Mark Ronchetti, former meteorologist and nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2020
  • Gregory Zanetti, retired U.S. Army National Guard officer and former chair of the Bernalillo County Republican Party
  • Louie Sanchez, businessman

Other candidates

New York

Current faucist and corrupt governor Kathy Hochul will run for re election. she will be challenged by Andrew Giuliani or Lee Zeldin. unfortunately she is likely to win.

Republican primary candidates

  • Lee Zeldin, U.S. representative
  • Andrew Giuliani, Trump administration official, Newsmax TV contributor, and son of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani
  • Rob Astorino, Westchester County executive (2010–2017) and gubernatorial nominee in 2014
  • Derrick Gibson, contractor and podcast host
  • Mike Carpinelli, Lewis County sheriff

Democrat primary candidates

  • Kathy Hochul, incumbent governor of New York
  • Thomas Suozzi, U.S. representative
  • Jumaane Williams, New York City Public Advocate


Current RINO governor Mike DeWine will be challenged by Jim Renacci in primary. the most prominent Democrat candidate will be former Cincinnati Mayor John Cranly.

Republican primary candidates

Democrat primary candidates

  • Nan Whaley, former Mayor of Dayton
  • John Cranley, former Mayor of Cincinnati


Current Governor Kevin Stitt will run for re-election (should he win it will be his second and final term due to term limits). He will be challenged by Democrat Constance Johnson and Independent Ervin Yen.

Republican primary candidates

  • Kevin Stitt, Current Governor
  • Mark Sherwood, naturopathic doctor

Democrat primary candidates

  • Connie Johnson, former state senator (2006–2014), former vice chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party (2015–2016)
  • Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Other candidates

  • Natalie Bruno, marketing executive from Libertarian Party
  • Ervin Yen, former state senator as Independent


Current Liberal governor Kate Brown will not run for election. the most prominent Democrat candidate will be the progressive lesbian Tina Kotek. the most prominent Republican candidate is Bud Pierce.[1] Independent Betsy Johnson also will run for election.

Republican primary candidates

  • Bud Pierce, oncologist and nominee for governor in 2016
  • Christine Drazan, state representative and former Minority Leader of the Oregon House of Representatives
  • Jessica Gomez, member of the Business Oregon Commission
  • Bridget Barton, political consultant for Third Century Solutions
  • John L. Fosdick III, customer service representative, Army veteran
  • Reed Christensen, former electrical engineer
  • Jim Huggins, film producer, businessman and Air Force veteran
  • Kerry McQuisten, mayor of Baker City
  • Stan Pulliam, mayor of Sandy
  • Angelique Bouvier, psychologist and business owner
  • Bridget Barton, political consultant for Third Century Solutions
  • Amber Richardson, chiropractor
  • Paul Romero, refrigeration repair technician

Democrat primary candidates

  • Tina Kotek, Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives
  • Tobias Read, Oregon state treasurer

Other candidates

  • Betsy Johnson, Betsy Johnson, former Democratic state senator as Independent


Current faucist and corrupt Governor Tom Wolf will end his second and last term. Lou Barletta and Doug Mastriano are most prominent candidate in Republican party. corrupt attorney general Josh Shapiro is most prominent candidate of Democrat party.

Republican primary candidates

  • Lou Barletta, U.S. Representative
  • Doug Mastriano, State senator
  • Jake Corman, President pro tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate
  • Shawn Berger, Owner of American Lobster restaurant (2020–present)
  • Guy Ciarrocchi, CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry
  • Joe Gale, Member of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners
  • Charlie Gerow, Vice-chair of the American Conservative Union
  • Melissa Hart, former US Representative
  • Scott Martin, State senator
  • William McSwain, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Jason Richey, Attorney for K&L Gates
  • Dave White, Member of the Delaware County Council
  • Nche Zama, Cardiothoracic surgeon

South Carolina

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster will seek to second term. he will be challenged mostly by former US Representative Joe Cunningham.

Republican primary candidates

  • Henry McMaster, Current Governor.
  • Al Bellavance, former town councilman of Fort Lawn
  • Harrison Musselwhite, trucker

Democrat primary candidates

  • Joe Cunningham, former U.S. Representative for 1st congressional district (2019–2021).
  • Gary Votour, healthcare activist and retired GIS mapper.
  • Mia McLeod, state senator (2017–present)

South Dakota

Current Governor Kristi Noem will be challenged in primary by Former state house speaker Steven Haugaard. the rival candidate will be Dan Ahlers from Democrat party and Lora Hubbel as independent.


Current Governor Greg Abbott was challenged in the primary by Allen West and several other minor candidates, but won in the primary without a runoff. On the Democrat side, far left progressive Beto O'Rourke (who, despite his name, is not Hispanic; his actual name is Robert Francis) also won without a runoff.

None of the minor parties (e.g. Libertarian, Green) use primary elections to select their candidates, they use nominating conventions instead.

Republican primary candidates

A bold highlight indicates the winner.

  • Greg Abbott, current Governor
  • Allen West, Former Texas GOP chair
  • Chad Prather, BlazeTV host
  • Don Huffines, Former state senator
  • Ricky Lynn Perry, staffing agency employee
  • Kandy Kaye Horn, philanthropist

Democrat primary candidates

  • Beto O'Rourke, former U.S. Representative
  • Inocencio Barrientez, fitness trainer
  • Michael Cooper, pastor, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Other candidates

  • Mark Jay Tippetts, attorney, former Lago Vista city councilman from Libertarian Party


Current faucist and corrupt governor Tony Evers will be challenged mostly by former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

Republican primary candidates

  • Rebecca Kleefisch, former Lieutenant Governor (2011–2019)
  • Kevin Nicholson, businessman, former member of the Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs, and candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018
  • Timothy Ramthun, state assemblyman from the 59th district
  • Adam J. Fischer, former police officer and businessman

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