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95 Theses against Evolution

95 Theses against Evolution is a scientific critique of the naturalist philosophy by authors who have perceived that the teaching of evolution is one of the greatest fallacies in the history of the world.

The concept of the 95 Theses is based on Luther's 95 theses that led to The Reformation of the numerous injustices and false teachings of the Church of the time such as the practice of selling indulgences. In a similar way, the 95 Theses presented by means of this publication are intended to contribute to a rethink in the debate on the Origin of Humanity (life on earth and the universe), the free use of scientific data, interpretations and philosophical points of view.

Authors and Signatories

  • Dr. jur. Dieter Aebi, Dr. med. Markus Bourquin,
  • Prof. a. D. Dr.-Ing. Werner Gitt, Dr. chem. Ruedi Hartmann,
  • Dipl.-Ing. Kai-Uwe Kolrep, Roland Schwab,
  • Dipl.-Ing. Hansruedi Stutz, lic. theol. Marcel Wildi.

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