Abortion and Adolf Hitler

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Abortionist views are very similar to those of Adolf Hitler
Abortion shares many similarities to the ideas of Adolf Hitler. Hitler believed in the forced "evolution" of humanity through the death of all those who were not Aryan, most notably including Jews. He viewed non-Aryans as inferior. A common reason for abortion is to kill those who suffer from physical and mental issues, a form of eugenics. This is akin to Hitler's murdering those he considered inferior.

In 1942 Adolf Hitler declared:

In view of the large families of the Slav native population, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. We are not interested in seeing the non-German population multiply…We must use every means to instill in the population the idea that it is harmful to have several children, the expenses that they cause and the dangerous effect on woman's health… It will be necessary to open special institutions for abortions and doctors must be able to help out there in case there is any question of this being a breach of their professional ethics. [1]

After World War II, the War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for "encouraging and compelling abortion," which the tribunal considered a "crime against humanity."[2]


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