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Abortion genocide

Since the fatal and flawed Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade (1973) it has clearly been medically and scientifically established (with advances in fetology) that the pre-born are, indeed, individual living human beings and that abortion is a deadly form of murder.[1] The environmental difference between the fetus and the baby outside the mother's womb is the uterine environment of water, versus the outside world of air and space. [2]

World culture from its beginnings has always regarded the pre-born to be special life

The Hebrew Scriptures mirror what has been commonly accepted by world cultures since the beginning. When a pregnant woman's child was either injured or killed, there was a just penalty to be observed.[3] The forming and growing baby within the mother's womb has not only been accepted as human life and offspring, but fully worthy of being brought to its completion with the birthing process.[4][5]


Genocide is usually thought of in terms of (massive) population massacres, such as what sadly and pathetically took place with Hitler's Germany and the many Jewish holocaust concentration camps. There have been a considerable number of more “modern” day genocides – among them, the Darfur region of Sudan and also, the Rwandan human carnage. War has been the sad occasion to hasten and rationalize the human slaughter of innocent human beings who have (inconveniently) stood in the way of warring factions. Modern abortionists share this notion of swiftly disposing of anyone deemed 'inconvenient', in this case, to the selfish 'self-fulfillment' needs of would-be parents.

Abortion is the genocide of the pre-born one by one

Since the infamous Roe V. Wade 1973 Supreme Court decision, it has been estimated that at least 50 million babies have been slaughtered [in the United States, as of 2007].[6]

Abortion genocide is also the population decimation of future generations

Abortion genocide not only ends the life of the immediate pre-born target, but it has shocking implications. Abortion affects posterity—future generations of potential life that would have been a direct result of the first life, snuffed out. [7]

Abortion Genocide of Posterity as Described in Reference to the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures

In Genesis 4:8 we have the picture of Cain murdering his brother Abel. Cain believed no one saw him commit this heinous act. However, God asked Cain, “Where is your brother, Abel?” Cain lied. “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” Then God let Cain know He had seen the treacherous act. “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” In Hebrew, the word “blood” is plural, "bloods." Not only was Abel's blood crying out to God, but all the generations Abel would have produced if he had lived were also crying out. -- [8]

“…….Numerous babies are aborted each year. It is this culture's way of eradicating the image of the Triune God in which the human race was created. Genesis 1:26 Doctors, nurses, and professionals may refer to a newly formed baby as a blastocyst, an embryo or a fetus, but the bottom line is the little one is a triune human being with a body, a soul, and a spirit. The pre-born baby allowed to reach adulthood has the potential to bring forth more generations. Psalm102:18 When an apple is cut open the seeds are able to be counted. But, only God can tell how many apples are in one seed. God knows the generations which should have been produced by every aborted baby. They are all written in His book. Psalm 139:16 …….” [9]


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