Absolute reality

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Absolute Reality exists independent of our existence and perceptions. Absolute Reality is demonstrated in facts (see Romans 1:20), i.e., concepts, statements, things, scientific laws, or events that can be unequivocally (indisputably) proven to be true. Facts are always based on concrete verified evidence which substantiate their truth. Absolute Reality is mind-independent, i.e. it would continue to be the case whether or not anyone believed it, or indeed whether or not there were any minds to believe it in the first place.

To exist is to be an entity of a specific nature made of specific attributes. Existence is identity, consciousness is identification. Consciousness is the effect, but absolute reality is the cause, not the other way around. In its supremacy, Absolute Reality exists independently of all else and all else flows out of and is sustained by its existence (Acts 17:28).