Ahmed Sékou Touré

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Ahmed Sékou Touré
Personal Life
Date & Place of Birth January 9, 1922
Faranah, Guinea
Claimed religion Muslim
Date & Place of Death March 26, 1984
Cleveland, USA
Manner of Death
Place of Burial
Dictatorial Career
Country Guinea
Military Service
Highest rank attained
Political beliefs Socialism
Political party Parti Démocratique de Guinée-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain
Date of Dictatorship October 2, 1958 – March 26, 1984
Wars started n/a
Number of Deaths attributed n/a

Ahmed Sékou Touré (b.January 9, 1922 - d.March 26, 1984) was the dictator of Guinea. At first he fought for the indepence from Guinea. After his socialist party "Parti Démocratique de Guinée-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain," was the strongest power in Guinea, Touré was the first president of Guinea. He used the relationships to the Soviet Union and constructed a dictatorship. Thousands of oppositionals were tortured and liquidated. After his death Lansana Conte took the power in a military coup.[1]


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