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Alan H. Belmont

Alan H. Belmont entered the Federal Bureau of Investigation November 30, 1936, and after training, was assigned to Birmingham, Alabama. In about August of 1937 Belmont was transferred to Chicago, and in the summer of 1938 was transferred to Washington, D.C., FBI Bureau headquarters.

In January of 1941 Belmont was transferred to New York as supervisor of applicant and criminal investigative matters, where he remained until the fall of 1942, when he was made assistant agent in charge of the Chicago office. In January of 1943 Belmont was made agent in charge of the Cincinnati office and remained there until the summer of 1944 when he was transferred to New York as assistant agent in charge of criminal matters in New York.

Subsequently, Belmont was placed in charge of all security work in New York for a number of years and was transferred to Washington in charge of the domestic intelligence division in February 1950. Belmont headed that division until about June of 1961 when he was made assistant to the director in charge of all investigative work of the FBI.[1]


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