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Alec Douglas-Home
68th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Term of office
1963 - 1964
Political party Conservative Party
Preceded by Harold Macmillan
Succeeded by Harold Wilson
Born July 2, 1903
Mayfair, United Kingdom
Died October 9, 1995
Coldstream, Scotland
Religion Anglican

Alexander ("Alec") Frederick Douglas-Home, Baron Home of the Hirsel, KT (the 14th Earl of Home 1951-63), was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from October 1963 to October 1964. He succeeded Harold Macmillan as Prime Minister, and was replaced following the 1964 general election by Harold Wilson. His name "Home" is pronounced "Hume".

While an accomplished statesman (something he proved in a subsequent term as Edward Heath's foreign secretary) he was not really suited to the role of Prime Minister and handled himself poorly in front of the press. As a result, he was often mocked as an old eccentric (despite being nearly a decade younger than Macmillan) and accused of being out of touch with voters.