Alfred Hugenberg

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Alfred Hugenberg (1865 - 1951) was a German politician, a steel executive and media baron. In 1891, he became one of the founders of the Pan-German League, a nationalist lobby group that played a baleful role in German politics up to the time of Hitler, whose rise to power Hugenberg materially contributed to. As a businessman and former prominent member of the Fatherland party, Hugenberg, in 1919, joined the German National People's Party, and became leader of its right wing, and entered the Reichstag in 1920. Hugenberg was a militant nationalist and a deep believer in the Social Darwinism. [1]


Hugenberg entered politics after doctoral studies in political economy. He earned his doctorate in 1891 with a thesis on state assistance to farmers and Germany's need to expand its territory — two major ideas that he pursued throughout his career.[1]


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