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Alice Mitchell Rivlin (Born March 4, 1931 in Philadelphia, PA.) is an economist and former U.S. cabinet official.

Alice Mitchell Rivlin has achieved several degrees; A BA from Bryn Mawr in 1952, an MA from Radciffe in 1955, followed by a PhD in 1958. She was an economist at the Brookings Institute from 1957-66 followed by further tenures from 1969-1975, and 1983-1993.

Rivlin was appointed by President Johnson during Great Society programs, to be Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation from 1966-68. In 1971, she authored Systematic Thinking for Social Action, a work that answers questions regarding how the government can allocate scarce funds to promote the maximum well-being of our citizens.

Rivlin held position as the first Director of the newly established Congressional Budget Office from 1975-83. She was appointed Deputy Director if U.S. Office of Management and Budget 1993-94 by President Clinton and later to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors between 1996-99.

She also served as Chairman of Financial Assistance and Management Authority from 1998-2001.

Rivlin was a persistent and vociferous critic of Reaganomics as head of the CBO.