Alien (movie)

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Alien is an R rated science fiction horror movie. It was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Sigourne Weaver. It was made in 1979.


A cargo ship (Nostromo) is ordered by the company to investigate a strange crash landed ship. After their shuttle lands a three man away team onto the ship. They discover a face hugger alien who attaches itself to the second officer's (Kane) face. Back on the ship the doctor (Bishop) cannot get the alien off. Later they find a way to detatch it. During a meal Kane's chest explodes and releases a baby alien who was growing inside of him. The remaining crew make differant plans to kill the Alien. Every time a member of the crew is killed including the captain. Third officer Ripley (played by Sigorne Weaver) takes command of the ship. She finds out on the ship computer that