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'''Allen Weinstein''' is the [[Archivist of the United States]]. He was confirmed by the [[United States Senate|U.S. Senate]] on [[February 16]], [[2005]]. His nomination met with some controversy from various archivist societies, including the [[Society of American Archivists]].
From [[1966]] to [[1981]], Weinstein was Professor of History at [[Smith College]]. In 1981, he moved to [[Georgetown University]] where he was a professor until [[1984]]. He was a Professor of History at [[Boston University]] from [[1985]] to [[1989]]. From [[1985]] to [[2003]], he served as President of [[The Center for Democracy]].
== Criticism ==
Critics on the left have argued that Weinstein's books ''Perjury'' and ''The Haunted Wood'' (both arguing [[Alger Hiss]] was a Soviet spy) have severe problems. Interviewees quoted in ''Perjury'' claimed they were badly misquoted, and Weinstein refuses to let other scholars review the interviews he conducted for ''Perjury'', which violated the ethical rules of the [[American Historical Association]]. His ''Haunted Wood'' co-author argues that some of the documents he claims to quote do not say what he says they do.
==External links==
*[http://www.historians.org/Perspectives/Issues/2005/0503/0503new2.cfm Allen Weinstein Becomes Ninth Archivist of the United States], The American Historical Association.

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