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Question 1: My personal favorite part of the Bill of Rights is Amendment I. This Amendment states that there are to be no limits to religious practices. If this Amendment did not exist, there would be much more tension between our country and the Middle East, meaning more terrorism and war. Also, there is to be no laws restricting free speech, allowing anyone to voice their opinions on any topic.

Superb answer, with a good application to current political issues.

Question 2: The fifth, and sixth amendments protect defendants rights by ensuring that their freedoms are not taken advantage of.

Right. Also, the Fourth and Eighth Amendments protect defendants too.

Question 3: The Bill of Rights should be applied to all forms of government. Even though it was meant to be applied only to federal government when it was created, when applied to all government, each decision must be thought through. When required to think through every decision, the chances of making mistakes pertaining to the rights of the people go down.

Good analysis.

Question 4: If the police entered and searched your home without a warrant and not under the circumstances of a emergency, the fourth amendment would have been violated.


Question 5: In order for a amendment to become part of the Constitution, it must first be passed by Congress with a 3/4 vote, and then approved by State legislation by a 3/4 vote. Personally, I would like to see an amendment stating that all large amounts of money ($5000+) spent by the executive branch must be approved by Congress. This would help keep the country’s debt under control.

A constitutional amendment must first be passed by Congress by a 2/3 vote, not 3/4. (-1) You are correct that 3/4 of state legislatures must then ratify the bill for it to become part of the Constitution. Note that each of those state legislatures must pass the amendment; they "vote" on the amendment itself. Your suggested amendment is good, but already Congress must approve spending and the $5000 threshold is very low when more than $1 trilion is spent each year by the federal government.

Question 6: On average, about 4,406 civil and criminal cases are filed each year in each federal district court.

Right, not including bankruptcy cases, which are filed in federal bankruptcy courts.

Question 8: It is too easy to amend the Constitution. Requiring only two 3/4 votes to amend it, it would be way too easy to get something approved that could be potentially harmful to the country. Some amendments, such as the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), would destroy much of our country’s moral by setting a women’s rights equal to the rights of a man. This sounds good at first, however, this would allow homosexuality, abortion, and other truly terrible things to become law.

Good, but actually it is even easier to amend the Constitution than you describe: only 2/3rds vote of each chamber of Congress is needed. (-1) Yet in American history there have been only slightly more than 1 amendment per decade, so amending the Constitution is not very easy to do.
Total score: 88/90. Ezcellent work.--Andy Schlafly 19:39, 23 October 2012 (EDT)