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The American Family Association or AFA is a non-profit conservative Christian organization that believes in protecting family values through consumer activism.

The organization was founded by the Reverend Donald E. Wildmon in 1977 as the National Federation for Decency before changing its name in 1988, and has many umbrella groups that were formed that have different functions and reach different needs. Although they regularly prune their list of supports to only include active members, they still have over 2.5 million names.[1] During their last campaign to stop the Hate crimes legislation, 365,000 of their supporters responded by contacting their Congressmen.

The radio ministry of AFA is American Family Radio.


The American Family Assocation is currently sponsoring a boycott of McDonalds for their choice to actively support gay marriage. A boycott against Ford ended in 2008 when the company took a 'neutral' position on gay rights.

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AFA website


  1. http://afa.net/ (current membership figure in upper right)