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American Family Radio

American Family Radio (AFR) is the radio ministry of the American Family Association. Based in Tupelo, Mississippi, the station broadcasts a mix of Christian music, church sermons, and Christian-based news briefs and talk shows. Its motto is, "Today's Radio for Life."

American Family Radio was founded by Reverend Donald E. Wildmon in 1987 with the vision of bringing Christian programming to smaller communities.[1] With its flagship station WAFR built in 1991,[2] AFR currently has over 200 radio stations in 35 states across America.[3] AFR initially had inexplicable opposition from the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television (which controls state-funded radio), but went on to build a large number of stations in a short period of time - a performance that exceeded every other broadcaster before it. Much of this was due to AFR taking over stations formerly belonging to National Public Radio.[4] The progress was slowed when the FCC began giving priority to National Public Radio and local groups for acquiring new radio frequencies.

American Family Radio's website offers a variety of listening choices in streaming audio, including other Christian music formats (e.g. Southern Gospel), a non-music talk stream and a Spanish language stream.[5] They also offer an "on demand" channel where users can pick and choose from a large library of music to listen to online.[6]

In January 2009, AFR revamped their format on the majority of their stations, choosing to air news and information shows instead of primarily music.[7]

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