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<br>Final Exam - Closed Book.
<br>10 questions; no points deducted for wrong answers.
To avoid traps on difficult questions, eliminate wrong answers before picking the correct one.
1.  Christopher Columbus...:
<br>(a) Was an evil European colonizer
<br>(b) Liberated America from the natives
<br>(c) Was the first president of the U.S.A.
<br>(d) Proved the Earth is flat
<br>(e) Maintained his virginity until marriage
2.  In the original U.S. constitution, Native Americans...
<br>(a) Were counted as 1/5th of a person in census data
<br>(b) Were counted as 2/5ths of a person in census data
<br>(c) Were counted as 3/5th of a person in census data
<br>(d) Were described as liberals
<br>(e) Were alluded to via the statement "The only good indian is a dead indian."
3. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal because...
<br>(a) He had a gay affair
<br>(b) He was friends with Karl Marx
<br>(c) He supported abortion rights
<br>(d) He had an abortion after a gay affair with Karl Marx
<br>(e) He invaded Tripoli
4. Instead of 3 branches of government, the ideal conservative system would...
<br>(a) Give all power to President George W. Bush
<br>(b) Make George W. Bush "President for Life"
<br>(c) Combine the judicial and legislative branches into a "puppet parliament"
<br>(d) Have a 4th branch of government, called "Dick Cheney"
<br>(e) Revert to Roman Republic government, with Bush and Cheney as the two ruling consuls
5. The Civil War started because...
<br>(a) Negroes wanted to be called "colored"
<br>(b) Colored people wanted to be called "black"
<br>(c) Black people wanted to be called "African Americans"
<br>(d) Abraham Lincoln got drunk
<br>(e) Patriotic Americans needed to use their guns for something
6. The U.S. Entered World War I after...
<br>(a) Germany declared gay marriage legal
<br>(b) The sinking of the Lusitania
<br>(c) Germany declared abortion legal
<br>(d) An abortion was performed on the Lusitania
<br>(e) A gay marriage was performed on the Lusitania
7. The stock market crash of 1929 was caused by
<br>(a) The repeal of prohibition, as all traders got drunk
<br>(b) Communists
<br>(c) Liberals
<br>(d) Pro-abortion folks
<br>(e) Liberal fiscal policies
8. World War 2 ended shortly after
<br>(a) Heroic Americans dropped the bomb
<br>(b) Patriotic Americans dropped the bomb
<br>(c) God declared America the greatest country in the world
<br>(d) God helped build the nuclear bomb
<br>(e) That liberal President FDR died
9. President Nixon was...
<br>(a) The inventor of wiretaps
<br>(b) A crook
<br>(c) A chinese panda bear
<br>(d) The greatest president until Reagan
<br>(e) The owner of the dog Checkers
10. Vice President Al Gore...
<br>(a) Invented the internet
<br>(b) Should be tried by a war crimes tribunal
<br>(c) Caused global warming
<br>(d) Got a little chubby in recent years
<br>(e) Should make a musical based on his movie
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