American History Homework Six Answers - Student 30

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American History Homework 6


1. To save the Union


2. To attempt to save the union from going to war and leaving.

No, these amendments were after the War. They are the "Reconstruction Amendments." Also, be more specific in your answers. (Minus 3).

3. Grant was my favorite because he wasn’t afraid to shed blood even though not all of his strategies were the greatest but McClellan had built up a huge army so that he was able to win by numbers rather then strategy.

Excellent. "Rather than," not "rather then."

4. I would have put the southern congressmen and senators back in office right after the war so that there would not have been al these laws for the south to get back into America.

Good idea.

5. That he was open to ideas such as growing a beard.

Good point.

6. The artist portrays a President tormented by nightmares of defeat in the election of 1864.In his dream Columbia or Liberty, wielding the severed head of a black man, stands at the door of the White House. She sends a frightened Lincoln away with a kick. Lincoln, wearing a Scotsman's plaid cap and a cape and carrying a valise, flees to the left, saying, "This don't remind me of any joke!!"

Correct. Superb analysis.

7.It defends Chinese immigrants against the fierce prejudice and discrimination, which they faced in late-nineteenth-century America.

Superb. Will use as a model. Note, however, that the "prejudice" was often based on real economic factors, like Chinese working longer hours and for less money than union workers.

Honors Questions

H1. If you have to much inflation then the dollar bill will end up being like a nickel or dime. But if you have to much deflation then the dollar bill will end up being as good as a one hundred dollar bill. So its not good to have to much inflation or to much deflation.


H3. There can be wrongs to it like making families borrow money and stuff, but there can be goods to it also. Just like our gas prices. They’ve gone up to about $4 per gallon and now are down to $2.60.


H5. I think Lincoln was a better president after the civil war started then before. Before it, he did not have religion and he was not connecting as much with the people. Once he got religion however he was able to give speeches that the people could understand and accept.

Good work, with some terrific insights. Score: 67/70.