American History Homework Six Answers - Student One

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BethanyS - DONE

1. The main goal of Abraham Lincoln was to save the Union. Although it is commonly thought that he always wanted to end slavery, he actually was sworn into office with the opinion that he wouldn't interfere with the slavery issue at all!


2. The 13th amendment banned slavery, the 14th provided equal right for all slaves, the 15th protected the right of all races to vote.


3. I know you will not consider her a military figure, however, I will plead my cause. She endured just as much war 'gore' as anyone else. She served on the front line, was almost killed to times - the bullets went through her clothing, and by serving on the front line was considered a man not a woman by 'proper society'. Therefore, Clara gave her good name and reputation to help in the Civil War; she deserve as much credit, if not more, than any other 'military figure'. Now that I've justified myself...My favorite figure from the Civil War was Clara Barton. She was a nurse during the war and aided many soldiers in need. Clara stood on the front line, catching soldiers as they fell, and bringing them back to the hospital tent. She endured the hardships and she improved many of them. Food, for example. Clara put an ad in newspapers begging for food for the soldiers. It worked and she soon found herself organizing a distributing company for the large amounts of food she received. When she did the same for necessities, the public again sent large amounts of blankets, socks, shirts and other things. She was loved by all she nursed and was called the Angel of the Battlefield by all soldiers. After a long struggle, Clara was able to begin an American Red Cross thirteen years later to aid anyone targeted by disaster. She was its president for the next 23 three years. Clara was - and is - a true Civil War heroine.

Superb choice and reasoning! Will use as model answer.

4. I believe the 14th amendment, which gave African Americans equal rights, should have been better upheld. The most despicable thing was the Klu Klux Klan. They burned and killed African Americans. This is what resulted by not upholding the 14th amendment. That was the only major problem I saw.


5. Homeschooling may or may not have actually made a difference in Abraham Lincoln. He went to school for 18 months, however, soon became a self-educator. He grew up to be a very independent smart man, and eventually became president. Abraham Lincoln may have simple been smart and independent by nature and homeschooling brought this out in him, or homeschooling really did develop his characteristics.

OK, because you give good arguments, but generally it is better to form and argue for an actual opinion.

6. I believe that it shows Columbia(America) banishing Abraham Lincoln from the White House. The man ascending the stairs to the right is the new president, possibly Jefferson Davis. It was probably written by a southernist; this is drawn from the image of Lincoln being banished from the White House.

Close, except Jefferson Davis would never have run for president of the Union. See model answers when available. (Minus 1).

7. This cartoon shows Columbia(America) defending a Chinese man from angry white men. The cartoon represents America's promise: 'Equal rights for all.'

Right, but explain a bit more. (Minus 1).
Great work! Score: 68/70.--Aschlafly 18:16, 23 October 2008 (EDT)