American History Homework Ten Answers - Student 29

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JonathanL 12/18/08 Week 10 homework

1) I could have better prepared for this test by memorizing the dates more efficiently and not treading water on the same definition for some time.

2) My favorite question that is missed was the cartoon; I thought I had the answer nailed but I realized that I was about 50 years behind the correct time frame.

3) The scopes trial can be compared to the O.J. trial, in that everyone knew what was going on but decided to turn the other way.

4.) Most definitely… say we did not enter the war, Germany would have most likely been victorious, and would have had more confidence in WWII, which we in turn would have lost.

5.) Teddy Roosevelt was a real man, and what is fascinating is that he was so pro-saving the wildlife and forests. He was a unique president who could connect with listeners, and was an emphatic speaker. He was, in my opinion, one of our country’s better presidents.

6.) The 19th amendment… women can vote now… probably a good thing… however this is how those odd extremist movements start. First it is voting… then women will want to be I don’t know pro football players, then the league will have to change its rules so women can play, it is a slippery slope, I say keep the movement down, repeal their right to vote, then everyone is happy… I mean, look what happens when you let women vote, you end up with a Hillary Clinton, and she wears the pants.

7.) Basically Big Teddy exercising US power, a pleasant sight to see, this time taking it out on Russia and Japan. This is the Treaty of Portsmouth, and clearly this cartoonist is not lib., as he makes Roosevelt out to be an angelic like figure.

H1) The civil war, first recorded use of a submarine… The confederates had them, with torpedoes being made from long poles with dynamite attached to the end. I think this is quite innovative, unfortunately the north made one too, hense liquidating the south’s submarine.

H2) Free speech is a right, not a privilege, as liberals make it out to be… believe it or not other groups besides minorities should be allowed to say whatever they think as well… I do not care what people say, as long as you give your adversary an equal chance to respond… I do not think any time period, regardless of war, should result in the silencing of the people.

H4) I liked the midterm exam because the questions on the test were not exactly from the lectures, you had to extrapolate from what you knew about particular events or individuals in order to answer the questions. Challenging, but fair, as long as it is fair, I have no complaints.