American History Homework Ten Answers - Student Six

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Katie B

1. I could have had more of the supplies I needed on hand that way a lack of material wouldn’t have halted my studies. I believe the section that I need to improve the most would be the more obscure questions, such as the definition that weren’t bolded on the sheet. Overall, I think I have a well rounded understanding that needs to be taken into more detail with individuals and movements.

2. My favorite question that I missed was the question with an excerpt from the Missouri Compromise. I liked this question because you had to pay close attention to know what it was taken from since the document itself wasn’t included in the lectures. It also illustrated by tendency to go against your advice and change my answers without adequate reason. 3. I think it was very interesting in the Scopes Trial that after agreeing to a cross-examination Darrow refused to take the stand and then pleaded guilty for his client. It was an interesting turn of events, especially after some of his comment when he question Bryan.

4. I believe we were right in entering the war when we did because we were perhaps the only country that was capable of defeating Germany before is destroyed the rest of the world. Also, it was in response to the Germans sinking our ships carrying many U.S. citizens, therefore justified and not an arbitrary decision.

5. I think that Theodore Roosevelt was a man who very much liked changed and really wanted to help America, and in some ways succeeded. He also liked to throw himself into things whole-heartedly, never doing anything half way. However, he sometimes did this without examining the content entirely first or measuring how the rest of the nation would react to such a decision.

6. I choose the 19th Amendment. This amendment gave women nationwide the right to vote. This was very important, obviously, because the just because men are physically stronger doesn’t make them more intelligent or capable of making decisions than women. Since women are people as well they should also have the right to decide who runs the country they have to live in.

7. The cartoon depicts Teddy Roosevelt, holding Russia and Japan by the ears. Teddy is illustrated as very strong and angelic, thus the angel wings and robes. Japan and Russia are depicted as wimpy and somewhat stupid looking men, Russia having a potbelly. This cartoon is dealing with the Treaty of Portsmouth, negotiated by Roosevelt to end the Russo-Japanese War. The cartoonist was probably Republican because of his

H2. I view them as unconstitutional and unlawful. No matter what the circumstances the government has no authority to take away the people’s rights laid down in the Constitution and punish people for exercising those rights.

H3. Was it discrimination to exclude girls and women in this draft? By the definition of the word it was very discriminatory since it divided men and women in consideration of who should be drafted. I, however, don’t think that it was excessive discrimination because the only reason for this division was because firstly, women were needed at home taking care of the children and doing other mandatory jobs, and secondly, most women are physically incapable of performing the strenuous duties a soldier is expected to perform. This is more consideration for the differences between male and female and making use of their faculties in the way it would best profit our country at war.

H4. I found the midterm to adequately cover most of the material we studied and focus on some of the more important things. Most of the question were challenging, a few were very difficult. I thought there would’ve been more on the Revolutionary War and at least a couple questions on the presidents. I learned from it, mostly how to try and better prepare for the Final.