American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student 30

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American History Homework 13


1. I like the American Revolution period best. Just the outstanding way we beat the British after 6 years of war even though 4-5 was us retreating in the north and being almost demolished in the south. Once General Morgan created the plan of fire and fall back to a fresh line, the tide started turning and we crushed them at the Cowpens and Yorktown where General Cornwallace finally surrendered.

Superb answer, may use as a model! (note spelling: Cornwallis, not "Cornwallace")

2. Ronald Regan failed at almost everything he did, while Bill Clinton succeeded at most things. Ronald Regan was conservative while Bill Clinton is not.

Interesting summary! (note: "Reagan", not "Regan")

3. I think one of the first trends was Washington turning down the idea of him being king. He thought that there should be no king of the country that he had just fought for the get rid of a king.


4. Terrorism is defiantly a big threat. With so many people immigration into the country from Mexico and everywhere it is very hard to tell who might have a bomb or not.

Good point. (note: "definitely", not "defiantly")

5. Yes. If we look back to the 70ies the culture was drugs, and grow your hair long. The economy was not as good as it had been in the 60ies. But when the 80ies came around Regan became president, we left the hippie era and the economy was booming.

Good analysis, although the long hair really started in the late 60s and continued into the 70s.

6. I think two of his greatest achievements were that he ended the Unions by firing everyone who took part in it. He then replaced them with the Air force or other people. The second accomplishment would have had to be ending Communism in many different countries.

Excellent, with the understanding that you're referring to the Air Traffic Control Union (PATCO). Reagan did not end all unions; he would not have had the power to do that even if he wanted to.

7. I think it was back after we had made the Louisiana purchase. This is by far the most inaccurate drawing of the world I have seen so it must have been before we ever even thought of satellites or anything like it.

Right, that's for sure! Try to pick up clues on the map to arrive at a better estimate. (Minus 1).


H1. I think that the economy may have a small boom to it but then when he starts putting on taxes it goes even lower then it is now and possibly go into another great depression.

Good prediction, but the question asked for a reference to something historical to support your view. (Minus 1).

H2. If that specific treaty is made to form peace and stop bloodshed then yes.


H4. I think that the Government should have the power to spy on people who they think are bad. Just like the Governor of Illinois. He was selling a seat of the state secretly and doing other things at the same time.

Good response.
Strong end to a good effort throughout the course. 98/100. Well done!--aschlafly 10:09, 21 December 2008 (EST)