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Nick DeJ American History Homework Thirteen

1. My favorite period of time in American history was the Gilded Age. The economy of American grew in leaps and bounds, many great inventions came out of this period and many famous works of literature were produced.

Excellent answer!

2. First of all, the most obvious difference between President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton was that Reagan was a Republican and Clinton was a Democrat. President Ronald Reagan held true to his very conservative views, President Bill Clinton had more liberal views, but when he realized that most Americans did not agree with him, he became more of a moderate. The second thing that comes to mind is that President Ronald Reagan had morals and did not have sex with an intern; President Bill Clinton did not have such great morals and had sex with an intern.

Superb contrast between the two.

3. I would say the most important trend guiding American history would be the exodus from public and private schools towards homeschooling and other schools such as charter schools. I believe this trend is happening because people are sick and tired of their children being left behind because they struggle with certain subjects. Also, many parents are fed up with their children being taught very liberal views that they don’t feel are right for their children.

Superb, will use as a model answer!

4. I think the most important threat to the future of America is terrorism. “9/11” was enough to convince me of this.

Good answer, concise and persuasive.

5. I definitely see a connection between culture and success for a nation. You can look at the late 1700’s when our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, two of the greatest documents of all time. At that time, people were concerned about creating a country better than the ones in Europe. They did not want what they had left behind. They worked together to first gain independence from Great Britain and then to create a government that gave the power to the people.


6. One of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan was when he told Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, separating Communist East Germany from West Germany. President Reagan is credited with ending communism in Eastern Europe and the USSR. Another great accomplishment of Ronald Reagan is that he reduced the size of the government and returned more power to the states, forcing them to assume responsibility for their problems.

Superb points, with great explanations.

7. This map was made in 1550 by a German cartographer named Sebastian Munster. I think America’s achievements have most definitely exceeded the expectations of this cartographer and the other people of that time. I do not think anyone at that time would have predicted that America would become the greatest country in the world.

Superb answers, among the best in the class. Terrific finish to great work throughout the course. 70/70. Perfect!--aschlafly 11:06, 21 December 2008 (EST)