American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Eleven

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Christina F.

1. What is your favorite period of time in American history, and why?

I like the 20's and the Great Depression. Our country did a great deal of cultural and economical change during this time that caused it to grow as a nation.

Interesting that you included the Great Depression in that. Many students said the 20s, but not many think well of the Great Depression. But it is well worth learning about and I'm glad you find it particularly interesting!

2. Contrast President Ronald Reagan with President Bill Clinton.

Contrast seems to be the only thing you CAN do with these polar opposites. Reagen possessed some semblance of moral characters and had decent politics, while Clinton let everything go wrong. Many of his choice are responsible for the recession we are in now.

Superb, concise answer. (Note: "Reagan" with two "a"s).

3. What would you say is the most important trend or trends guiding American history?

Money has been controlling this country since the beginning—what currency to use? Inflation, many other problems concerning money have contributed to the economic history of the US.

Superb answer. May use as a model!

4. What is the most important threat to the future of America? Cite history to support your view.

The biggest threat to the US is itself. As we've seen from the Great Depression, love of money can bring a whole country down—we are seeing mistakes from them being repeated even today.

Good answer, with good examples.

5. Do you see a connection between culture and success for a nation? Give an example from history (e.g., period of time) to support your view.

Culture does affect the success for a nation, in a way. During the 20's, there was a cultural boom; it seemed that the country was heading for good, and it was for a while, but then the Great Depression struck and culture didn't matter so much anymore.

Terrific answer.

6. Describe two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan.

One of Reagan's accomplishments were the Star Wars—ways of shooting down missiles before they hit their target; and also, he is credited with ending communism in Central Europe (note: do not confuse with Eastern Europe) and the Soviet Union (Eastern Europe and Northern Asia).


7. Explain during which century you think this map was drawn, and comment how America's achievements may have met or exceeded the expectations of the cartographer or other people of his time.

This map seems to have been written in the early 1300's or so. The cartographer view America as small and insignificant compared to the other countries around it. If only he could've seen what it really looked like!

Couple hundred years too early with that estimate. America was not known to be a separate continent before the European explorers in the early 1500s. The rest of your answer is good! (Minus 1).

H1. Using American history as your guide, predict what will happen in the first two years of the Obama Administration.

It doesn't seem quite right to predict what will happen during the Obama Administration only based on him, but at the rate the economic situation is moving, the recession will get worse before it gets any better.

Good point about the economy, and you're right not to place too much emphasis on one person's views when predicting the course of a new Administration.

H2. Write about any issue, debate, or mystery related to the lecture or its time period.

Debate: Do you think Congress should pass treaties as ordinary laws when unable to obtain the 2/3rd vote required under the Constitution to ratify a treaty?

No. If the ordinary 2/3rd vote is not met, the law should not be passed.

Right. Well put.

H3. "Free trade": good or bad? Your view please, while mentioning NAFTA and WTO.

Free trade as promoted by NAFTA is not a very good idea. Things which are legal in other countries but illegal in the US will be able to freely pass into our country.

Excellent point, could include as a model!
Superb answers. 69/70. Great finish to terrific homework throughout the course!--aschlafly 18:42, 20 December 2008 (EST)