American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Ten

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1. My favorite period in American History is probably the years preceding, during, and after the Revolution because everyone seemed to care more than. There were so many brilliant minds and so many new ideas were embraced because of the fact that we were a new nation. More people were willing to fight and die for their country and freedom than people today who care more about their own pleasure and personal lives than the good of the nation.

Good answer.

2. Ronald Reagan was almost entirely opposite from Bill Clinton. They were both originally Democrats, but when Reagan was in office almost everything he did ended up in a huge upset in that party. Clinton, however, usually only upset Republicans and people that tended to be more conservative. While Reagan’s first lady wasn’t particularly important to history, Clinton’s continues to upset the nation with her far left ideas and extremely aggressive liberal politics. Clinton took away our guns and Reagan gave us SDI. Reagan strengthened and protected our country. He forced Iran to free the American hostages and gave us ways to protect ourselves from aggressive foreign countries. Clinton weakened our country with NAFTA and even more so with WTO. Finally, everyone remembers Reagan and the Eight Great Years fondly, and I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t wish Clinton had never been elected. I wish I’d been around for Reagan. I would say the year I was born was a great year, if only it hadn’t been the one Clinton was inaugurated in!

Very well put: "Clinton took away our guns and Reagan gave us SDI." That pretty much sums it up, right? Will use as a model answer!

3. I think the most important trend guiding American History is the drive to discover and learn new things. Most of the most important devices today were invented in America and some of the most influential people in history were Americans. More so in the past than now, people from America, as a young country, made an effort to prove themselves to the world, doing everything first, bigger or better. They invented, started new trends and pushed the world into the 21st Century. Americans like to do outrageous things, and whether for better or for worse, America continues to change the world.


4. I think the most important threat to America’s future is our own greed. There are quite a few countries whose inhabitants despise us because we’re always thinking of ourselves before others. Worldly gain is nothing and we shouldn’t strive for so much beyond the necessities. Someday, if and when we are in Heaven, we’ll realize just how trivial material things were. In history nations have fallen because of personal greed. Rome was consumed by greed of immoral men always fighting and killing for the position of Caesar. The Roman Empire went through the same thing. Even in American history there are examples. The Puritans started to become less moral as they achieved more worldly things and stopped caring so much for those things spiritual.

Superb analysis.

5. Yes I do. The success of a nation depends on the morality and political views of the people, especially in a democracy, and there are examples of this in American history. For example, in the 60s the culture was swept away by hippies who were all about breaking every rule and the country suffered from it. JFK and Johnson were presidents then, neither of which did a very good job. Johnson even started a war for no good reason. On the other hand, in the 20s culture was all about doing new things that made life more enjoyable , more power to women and America was in great shape.

Excellent again! (Note: "neither of WHOM", not "neither of which")

6. Two of Reagan’s greatest achievements were SDI and ‘Reaganomics.’ The first was a defense against missiles directed at our country. A much better alternative to Mutual Assured Destruction. Reagan’s economics pulled us out of what might’ve ended up as another Great Depression and lead to prosperity for the whole country.

Did you forget question 7? Uh oh! (Minus 10).
Very insightful answers, as your homework has been the entire course. 60/70. Well done!--aschlafly 18:30, 20 December 2008 (EST)