American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Thirteen

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American History Homework 13

Leonard G

1.) My favorite period of time in history was the Revolutionary War. I enjoy reading about the struggle and commitment our forefathers had to start a new country which included religious freedoms and independence. So many battles were fought and many lives were lost, but still our forefathers had the will and desire to create what is known today as the United States of America.

Excellent. May include as a model.

2.) President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton were complete opposites. President Ronald Reagan had great moral values and strong principles while President Bill Clinton was almost impeached for his lack of morality! President Ronald Reagan was brave and stood up to communism. He even helped tear down the Berlin Wall with his speech! President Bill Clinton on the other hand, never got his feet wet and was ruining our country with his unnecessary laws.


3.) The freedom to express our ideas and beliefs is one of the most important trends guiding American history. This trend created our country, runs our country, and keeps our country in check. If something goes wrong, we are able to communicate with each other about this and try to solve it without being hushed by the government. We can also share ideas that can improve our country and benefit our nation.

Fantastic, and I think I'll use this as a model answer instead!

4.) What is the most important threat to the future of America? Cite history to support your view. The biggest threat to the future of America is our decreasing morality. With the theory of evolution, many people are reduced to believing that they are “accidental” creations that have no moral values. This is leading to the creation of new laws that allow immoral things like same-sex marriage to become legal! I hope that my teacher’s prediction is correct, and our country becomes more conservative and notices the decreasing morality and saves us from a horrible end.

Excellent answer again. I hope my prediction is correct also!

5.) A desire for starting new a life is a critical part of the connection between culture and the success of a nation. Without a want for change, a nation cannot be formed because the drive that is needed is not there. America was founded for a strong desire to have religious freedom and independence. Without this drive, America may have never been formed.

Superb insight.

6.) Two of the greatest achievements of Ronald Reagan were Star Wars and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Stars Wars saved countless lives and solved our MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) problem with the Soviet Union and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall was a tremendous blow on communism and ended the terror in Eastern Europe.

Fantastic answer.

7.) I would say that this map was drawn in the early 1500s. At this time America was just discovered and not yet fully explored. This is why the map shows the New World as just wilderness and uncivilized. To imagine that this “uncivilized” piece of land would turn into one of the world’s richest nations!

Correct, with a great closing!
Very strong finish! Perfect, in fact. 70/70. Congratulations!