American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student Two

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BethanyS - DONE

1. I am extremely obsessed with the 18th century because of the clothing. A womans daily attire would consist of (in this order): Stockings, followed by stays, shoes, hoop pocket, hoop petticoat, under petticoat, lace cap, an over petticoat, a stomacher, the gown, a neck kerchief, lace apron, and hat. Each one of these daily articles of clothing was made by hand...the over petticoat alone would take yards of fabric. The gown itself would would take at least 8 or 9 yards of fabric to make! And this was all hand sewn, I remind you - and each inch of stitching contained 20 stitches. All embroidery was by hand...any fabric that had a design was usually hand embroidered. A button in that time period was a work of art on its own. They often showed a kind of scene that is typical for a painting. The lace was of course handmade. Another interesting thing is that they could interchange stomachers. A stomacher gave an old gown a totally new look. Some of the hoop skirts were called panniers extended up to 4 feet on either side of the woman! It was almost impossible to fit through a doorway unless it was anticipated and the woman turned sideways.

Maybe that's why there was the chivalrous practice of boys opening doors for girls! Only then could girls get through the door, perhaps! Ha ha ha. Thanks for the fascinating answer, which is worthy "model answer" material.

2. Ronald Reagan compared to Bill Clinton. WOW!! Reagan was a republican, Clinton was a democrat, first of all. They had different morals and ideals. They had different policies as well.

OK, good.

3. I think that America has always been the sort-of 'perfect' country to other people. We have freedom, rather than communism or dictatorship. Our trend has always been to help those in need. We are currently enrolled in a war in Iraq - the war on terror. Should we pull out, then the world will see that America no longer helps those in need and our image of freedom for all will die. I think that America's response to other countries need will play a large role in the future.


4. I think that a large threat is Barack Obama. I was truly scared when he was elected. First of all, we don't even know if he was actually born in America. The policies that he will try to push through Congress could be very destructive. Immigration, American borders, the War on Terror, and much more. If we pull out of Iraq now, then the terrorists will strike back on us. Do we think that if we pull out, then everything will be good and the terrorists won't strike back? If the borders are weakened, that will only make it easier for terrorists to get into America. I think our future is going downhill from what it has been in the past.

Sounds depressing, and good point about Iraq. But don't lose heart, as I'm convinced our nation continues to become more conservative.

5. Culture does have a large role in a nations success. All ideas for anything come from the citizens of the country...from the culture. Whatever the children of a culture are being taught will be the prevailing belief in the future. Culture is what determines the success of a nation.

Interesting angle about the importance of education. Certainly liberals place enormous emphasis on indoctrinating kids.

6. I think that one of Reagan's greatest achievements was his Reaganomics. His economics brought prosperity to America, which is (of course) a good thing! Also, his speech at the Berlin wall. He knew that some people would think his silly and childish for the line, "tear down this wall," however, the wall was torn down a few years later and Reagen is credited with ending communism in Eastern Europe.

Superb, could be a model answer.

7. I believe that the map was written perhaps early 14th century. This is drawn from the shapes of all the countries. There is no Canada. India is definetely not larger than America and not located where it is shown on the map. I'm not totally sure, but I think the artist viewed America as not as good as Europe. And that it was a savage, unsettled land. Obviously, we have proved him wrong!! ;-P

Ha ha ha ... we did prove him wrong! But 200 years too early on the timing. Uh oh. (Minus 1). Great answer otherwise.
Very insight answers. Terrific, in fact, with two possible model answers. Score: 69/70. Well done on terrific homework throughout the course!--aschlafly 23:45, 19 December 2008 (EST)