American History Homework Twelve Answers - Student 25

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Isaac Z

1. The main protagonists of the cold war were the USA and the communist country of Russia. The period of this "war" lasted until 1945 until 1991. It was a war of fear and Espionage.

Correct, and very well put. May use as a model!

2. The two wars that caused immense casualties between 145 and 1980 were the Korean war and the Vietnam war. In both wars the US fought against communists. I think that in the Korean war we could have definitely destroyed the Chinese and stopped communism but because of Truman we didn't. I think that in the Vietnam war we could have done the same thing but the politicians in Washington kept holding the generals back.


3. In the civil rights movement I was impressed at Jackie Robinson who was able to play major league baseball. I think this was very hard because baseball is shown everywhere so he received a lot bad criticism and hate. I am impressed that he was able to go through with it.

Superb, may use this as a model.

4. President Lyndon Johnson was known for his ability to shove everyone out of his way if they opposed him. He did this when he passed the the "Great Society" programs this program was one of the things he was very well known for. The "Great Society" programs were efforts by the democrats to eliminate poverty.


5. What I liked most about the 80th congress was that it limited the power of the presidents. I think this was a big step because the presidents had too much power as seen in FDR.


6.I think the most important man that lived between 1945 and 1980 was Martin Luther King. He was a civil rights leader and he is one of the most important men that this country has ever known. He was a great speaker and he paved the way for equal rights for all.

Very good.

7. They were called the Warren court. Their approach was anti-God they made a lot of bad and unmoral decisions. An example of this is when they banned prayer in schools

Perfect answers! 70/70. Congratulations!