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American Nazi Party

American Nazi Party
Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda
Senate Leader
House Leader
Founded 1959
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia
Political ideology Neo-Nazism
Political position Fiscal: Keynes
Social: Darwinist
International affiliation
Color(s) Blue and buff
George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party

The American Nazi Party was a far-Left white supremacist organization founded in the United States by George Lincoln Rockwell in 1958. Homosexuals made up a "significant" part of its membership.[1] They pledged allegiance to the ideals of Nazi Germany and the late Adolf Hitler. Rockwell was assassinated by one of his members, John Patler, in 1967 over an internal party dispute, and was replaced by Matthias Koehl, who had previously been a founder of the National States Rights Party in 1958. Koehl had two deputies, his "national officers", Robert Lloyd and William Pierce. The party denies the Holocaust.

Changes of name

The party changed its name in 1968 to the National Socialist White People's Party and set up headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. It is currently operating under the name of New Order in New Berlin, Wisconsin, where it aims to establish a "Nationalist Socialist community" called Nordland.

Political spectrum

According to its official website, the American Nazi Party has thoroughly statist and anti-fiscally conservative views, favoring and embracing liberal ideals such as protectionism, big government and a strong state intervention in the economy. The party also condemns financial speculation, capital accumulation and individualism.[2]

The text published on the website says:

We demand the creation of an honest, self-sufficient, debt-free economy based solely on the productive capacity of the Aryan worker, which will guarantee conditions of full employment and price stability. We also demand public control of all banking and credit institutions as well as all utilities and all monopolies, confiscation of all conglomerate holdings, cancellation of all usurious debt, comprehensive profit sharing in all basic industries, and the institution of a national program of interest-free loans for families, farmers, and small businessmen.
We believe that the proper function of an economy is to serve the economic needs of the people, not to make profits for big bankers and huge multinational corporations. We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America. There must be no place for parasites who draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return. We also believe that HONEST WORK is the only legitimate basis for wealth - not speculation, usury, or money-manipulation - and that a sound economic system must rest, not on debt or some extraneous metal, but on the productivity of the Aryan worker alone. We believe further, that money is properly a medium of exchange and store of value, not a commodity like bread or steel, and that therefore money and credit should not be issued for profit, but to serve the legitimate needs of the people without interest. Finally, we believe that it is unnecessary for any rational society to suffer unemployment when there is work to be done and people who want jobs. We must have an economy based on the long-term interests of the man who works for a living, not the chronic loafer or the man who lives by renting out his capital.

Splinter groups

Since the 1970s, several splinter groups have formed from the party, including:


The American Nazi Party was allied with the black supremacist Nation of Islam, due to both supporting separate nations for blacks and whites, and both sympathizing with the Axis Powers of World War II, with NOI founder Elijah Muhammad even encouraging his followers to dodge the draft, and George Lincoln Rockwell of course encouraging his followers to support the National Socialists. However, this alliance became awkward at times, such as when Rockwell was booed at an NOI rally for performing the Roman salute. Still, Rockwell said, "If any Negro wants to go back to Africa, I'll carry him piggy-back."[3][4][5]