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Anatoly Shariy (sometimes spelled Sharii or 'Sharia') is a leading Ukrainian dissident against the human rights abuses of the neo-fascist Maidan regime. Shariy advocates for national reconciliation and unity among the diverse ethnic, religious, and linguistic peoples of Ukraine. Shariy has nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube,[1] 340,000 on Facebook, and 268,000 on Twitter, and is one of Ukraine's most popular journalists despite living in Lithuania and later Spain since 2014. Shariy was forced to flee into exile after enduring years of harassment from Ukrainian nationalists. Shariy has been considered a possible contender for the presidency of Ukraine in a future election, causing fascist dictator Volodymyr Zelensky to level accusations and sanctions against Shariy. Shariy's party was among 13 opposition parties outlawed by Zelensky under martial law.

Shariy posted on his video blog, in 2014, Ukrainian TV news footage of a Ukrainian army air defense encampment—with a complete “Buk” system in plain view—in the general vicinity of where the Malaysian Airlines MH-17 was shot down. The footage had been taken and aired just a few days before the tragedy.[2]

In March 2022, Shariy received an email from a friend, “Igor,” seeking to arrange a meeting. He subsequently learned that Igor was held by the SBU at the time and being used to bait Shariy into disclosing his location. Shariy has been placed on the notorious Myrotvorets public blacklist of “enemies of the state."[3] On April 18, 2022, it was reported that Shariy faced a recent Ukrainian gestapo, the SBU, assassination attempt after his friend was kidnapped.[4]

On May 5, 2022, Shariy's wife announced the Spanish government detained Shariy at the request of the fascist Maidan regime.[5]