Andrey Shevchenko

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Andrey Shevchenko was a KGB agent operating as an inspector at Bell Aircraft Niagra Falls during World War II. After am anonymous letter was received by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover about Soviet espionage activitities, FBI Special Agents monitored Shevchenko's penetration of the Bell Aircraft and feed him innocuous information to develop leads for uncovering the operation. George Beiser, William Plourde, William Pinsly, Aleksandr N. Petroff and Vladimir Morkovin all worked at Bell Aircraft and supplied information to Shevchenko.

The source of the anonymous letter to Hoover is believed to be Vasili Markov who worked in the Soviet embassy in Washington and was a KGB Officer. Markov evidently was dissatisfied with his position and his boss, KGB Rezident Vasily Zarubin. Markov was recalled to Moscow an a KGB internal investigation discovered Markov was mentally unfit.


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