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An Anglophile is someone who obsesses with England and exaggerates its historical significance.

Examples of Anglophilia

An Anglophile might...

  • insist that William Shakespeare was the most influential person of the second millennium.
  • deny how atheism has taken over the culture to the point where Richard Dawkins suggested arresting the Pope when visited
  • downplay or ignore how Britain has perpetrated massive frauds on the world, such as the Piltdown Man, without any accountability
  • downplay or ignore how Britain perpetuated the brutal slave trade long after civilized societies (such as America) had prohibited it
  • exaggerate the efficacy of the National Health Service
  • admire the way the British stood alone against Nazi tyranny for two years, invented concepts such as the rule of law and freedom of speech, and have devised a tolerant society where people are judged on their merits not their color or religion.
  • recognize the contributions that Britain has made to science and literature far out of proportion to the size of its population.
  • salute the British for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States for 65 years since World War 2.