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Anthropogenic global warming theory

The anthropogenic global warming theory (AGW) claims that human beings are responsible for most of the slight warming trend seen since the Little Ice Age. It is highly favored by liberals, as it provides justification for carbon taxes and the Kyoto Protocol. The consensus of climate scientists, however, is that nearly all of the recent increase in global air temperature is naturally caused.

The AGW theory is one explanation for the 1.5 degrees F of warming of the air near the earth's surface recorded since 1850.[1] However, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore said global warming is most likely a "natural phenomenon," because there is no proof of man-made global warming, and suggested that "alarmism" is driving politicians to create bad environmental policies.[2]

The idea that human activities, such as the combustion of fossil fuels, can significantly warm the earth's atmosphere is called the enhanced greenhouse effect.[3]


The term "anthropogenic" comes from Anthropo- ("men") and genic (cause).

Relation to current climate change

A panel of the United Nations is "90% sure" that most global warming since about 1950 has been caused by human beings.[4] But Roger Pielke, Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado, said, "After Climategate, the surface temperature record is being called into question." To experts such as McIntyre and Pielke, perhaps the most baffling thing has been the near-unanimity over global warming in the world’s mainstream media - a unanimity much greater than that found among scientists.[5] Moreover, appearing on Fox Business Network with Stuart Varney, Greenpeace co-founder, Patrick Moore, explained why he left the organization. While talking with Varney, Moore explained that departure was in part due to the group’s "extremist positions" and it being hijacked by political and social causes as well as the left.[2] Exposing the green movement, Moore also said he’s not the only environmentalist that believes like him.

The anthropogenic global warming theory enjoys broad based political support from Liberals, Socialists, as well as the U.S. Democratic Party. Supporters of the anthropogenic global warming theory frequently assert the existence of a "scientific consensus,"[6] which was revealed by ClimateGate as favoring their viewpoint while suppressing counter evidence, so that legislators can use this false sense of scientific support to gain more power, enabling them to enact stricter legislation to combat man-made global warming. At the same time, most or all supporters of the anthropogenic global warming theory frequently declare, "the debate is over." The reality is that strict environmental legislation is not necessary, is not beneficial and in fact does more harm than good, and is outside of the constitutional limits of the United States government.

Global warming and polar bears

Roy Innis, chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, one of America's oldest civil rights organizations, wrote on February 4, 2008:

Some 22,000 magnificent polar bears now roam the Arctic, and their numbers continue to increase. But bureaucrats and environmental activists want the bears designated as a "threatened" species.

Doing so would put courts and bureaucrats in charge of any activity that produces greenhouse gases. [1]

Zero carbon

"Zero carbon" (short for zero carbon dioxide) is a phrase used by proponents of the AGW theory to denote the phasing out of fossil fuels. Various dates have been set for the achievement of this task. The United Kingdom has set 2040[7] as the date for banning production of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines and 2050[8] as the date for complete elimination of fossil fuel use. The group Extinction Rebellion wants all fossil fuel use to end by 2025.[9] It hardly needs to be said that none of these targets is achievable.


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