Anti-Christian sentiment

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Anti-Christian sentiment is associated with following phenomena taking place in the society:[1]

  • I) Discrimination: Denial of Rights of Christians
    • • Violation of freedom of expression
    • • Violation of freedom of conscience
    • • Violation of parents’ rights with regard to the education of the children
    • • Violation of the institutional or collective dimension of religious freedom
    • • Discriminatory “equality” policies
  • II) Intolerance: Marginalization of Christians. Proposition to attack the organized religion was made, for example, by Richard Dawkins, adherent of Militant atheism[2] and proponent of LGBT ideology Sir Elton John who would like to have all organized religion banned.[3]
    • • Exclusion of Christians from social and public life
    • • Exclusion of Christian symbols from the public
    • • Social disadvantages for Christians
    • • Incitement, insult or defamation
    • • Misrepresentation of Christians in the media through negative stereotyping
  • III) Hate Incidents
    • • Hate crimes against Christians
    • • Hate incidents such as the disruption of services
    • • Vandalism and desecrations


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