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Aomori City.jpg
Japanese name
Kanji 青森市

Aomori is the capital city of the northernmost prefecture on Japan's main island Honshu called Aomori, named after Aomori Bay. The Aomori Prefecture is in the Tohoku Region. It was created in 1871.

The people Aomori have the shortest life expectancy in all of Japan. This is thought to be due to inclement weather conditions. Aomori is famous for its Apples and is sometimes called the apple prefecture' and one of its major cities, Hirosaki is called the apple city (Ringo no machi)

Aomori has two famous tourist attractions, The Shirakami national park (a UNESCO world heritage site) and Hirosaki castle (Hirosaki-Jo)Jo means castle.

In 1625, under the instructions of Nobuhira, the second Lord of Tsugaru,to create a port Yashichiro Moriyama undertook the development of the village of Utomura, located in the district of Sotogahama. At the time, there was a small hill in the Komemachi neighborhood. It was covered with a year-round green forest and thus made an excellent landmark for fishing vessels entering the harbor. This is said to be the origin of the name Aomori (literally "blue forest") [1]

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