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Arab-Americans are Americans of Arab ancestry. Over 4 million Americans trace their ancestry to Arab countries, and the vast majority are citizens of the United States. Over 75% are Christians, many having escaped religious persecution in their homelands. Today, one-third of Arab-Americans live in California, New York, and Michigan. They are better-educated than the average American. The average Arab-American entrepreneur may have a higher personal and household income than a non-Arab-American counterpart in most regions of the United States. [1] The overall U.S. population grew by 13% in the 1990s, while the Arab-American increased by 38%.

A majority of Arab-Americans, around 62%, originate from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, Arab-Americans have gotten more attention than they might have wished. Last year, a 15% increase across the nation in incidents of violence, discrimination and harassment against Muslims was reported.

In the United States, we, Arab-Americans and Muslims have been maliciously targeted, stripped of our rights, and positioned outside the constitutional framework of this country. A new COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program, FBI) has been unleashed against our homes and living rooms, as our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are plucked away and thrown into unknown prison cells. Thus, in a continuum of history, we stand with African Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and all others in the painful struggle for justice. From them all, we take our cue, for they are our predecessors and our partners in this long march. [2]

Organizations like the "American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee" are working to empower Arab Americans and defend the civil rights of all people of Arab heritage in the United States. [3]

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