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*Green=Official language
*Blue=One of several official languages

Arabic (اللغة العربية "al-luġatu l-ʿarabiyyah, or simply عربي "arabī") is a Semetic language spoken by some 270 million people worldwide. Having it's origins in Saudi Arabia, Arabic is closely related to Hebrew and Aramaic.

Arabic is a macrolanguage, made up of 27 dialects. Arabic is also the liturgical language of Islam.

The Arabic alphabet includes ʼalif, bāʼ, tāʼ, āʼ, ǧīm, ḥāʼ, ḫāʼ, dāl, ḏāl, rāʼ, zāī, sīn, šīn, ṣād, ḍād, ṭāʼ, ẓāʼ, ʿayn, ġayn, fāʼ, qāf, kāf, lām, mīm, nūn, hāʼ, wāw, and yāʼ. The language also includes the short vowels fatHa, damma, and kasra, as well as symbols to aid pronunciation such as the sukoon and shadda. These characters are not typically written, appearing mostly in poetry and the Qur'an.