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| elixir
| elixir
| portion
| potion<ref name=elixir>Note the irony: in English, an ''elixir'' is an [[alcoholic drink]] of [[medicine|medicinal]] value&mdash;in short, a cocktail.</ref>
| Gibraltar
| Gibraltar

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English has the ability to borrow words from other languages integrate them into every day usage. Most of English is derived from other languages such as French, German, and Latin. However, many words also come from Arabic. Some Christians prefer not to use words that have a history rooted in a belief system so different from their own. [1]

Arabic Loan Words and English synonyms

Word with Arabic Root[2] Alternative
arsenal armory, stockpile
assassin killer, hitman
elixir potion[3]
Gibraltar Pillars of Hercules
haboob violent sandstorm
lemon everyellow
mattress bed-cushion
orange red-yellow
safari trip
scarlet red
soda pop, soft drink
summit top
tariff tax
zero none
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  2. Arabic loan words in English
  3. Note the irony: in English, an elixir is an alcoholic drink of medicinal value—in short, a cocktail.