Ares 1-X

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The Ares 1-X rocket during a test.

The Ares 1-X rocket was the first in a series of experimental rockets in NASA's Constellation Program for future human spaceflight. It was the primary test rocket for the Ares I, which was to be the primary medium-lift booster for the Constellation Program.


The Ares I-X was finless, 327 feet tall, and consisted of a Solid Rocket Booster with a wider mock payload section on top. Its first and to date only flight was on October 28, 2009. The first stage burned for two minutes and the second stage mock-up separated successfully. One of the three parachutes did not fully open, but the two halves splashed down successfully. The first stage floated and was towed back to shore by one of NASA's recovery ships.[1]


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