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Arthur was a PBS cartoon show for children, based on Mark Brown's Arthur the Aardvark series of children's stories. Lasting nearly a quarter of a century, it was the longest-running children's cartoon series in America.

Each show begins with the reggae theme song, "Everyday, when you're walkin' down the street, everybody that you meet has an original point of view".


  • Arthur, a third-grade boy aardvark
  • D.W., his sister (4 3/4 years old)
  • Buster, Arthur's rabbit friend
  • Brain, an intelligent bear (once voiced by Steven Crowder)
  • Binky, a British Bulldog and former bully
  • Muffy, a wealthy monkey
  • Francine, a tomboyish monkey

Arthur had been gradually promoting a liberal agenda since Season 21. From that season is an episode, "Arthur Takes a Stand," featuring John Lewis as a guest star. There was also an Internet short, titled "Arthur on Racism: Talk, Listen, and Act," that was dedicated to John Lewis after his death, and aired around the same time as the events of the BLM riots.

The show met some controversy in the 22nd-season premiere, "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone", when one of the mainstay characters, Mr. Ratburn, not only came out as homosexual (marking the first instance of homosexuality in the series since the spinoff show Postcards from Buster), but also ended up entering a homosexual "marriage", with such an event being portrayed positively.[1] The episode was skipped in Alabama[2] and Arkansas.[3]

Thanks largely to both of the above instances of far-left pushing, Arthur was announced to be cancelled by the end of February 2022.[4]


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