Atheism and negative emotions/thoughts

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Atheists are more prone to various emotional problems (see: Atheism and emotional problems).

These negative emotions can generative negative thoughts which lead to negative actions some of which are noted below.

To see relevant studies and historical data about the atheist population's highly unusual propensity to display negative emotions such as depression, anger, anxiety and boredom, please see:

Research suggests that irreligiousity is a causal factor for domestic violence.[1] See: Irreligion and domestic violence and Secular Europe and domestic violence

1. Atheism and depression (Cites relevant studies about atheism increasing depression)

2. Atheism and suicide (Atheists have a higher suicide rate than the general public)

3. Atheism and loneliness (Cites studies and other relevant data)

4. Militant atheism and anger (Studies and historical information about atheism and anger)

5. Irreligion and domestic violence and Secular Europe and domestic violence (Research indicates that religiosity lowers one's propensity to engage in domestic violence)

6. Militant atheism (Historical information about atheism/violence/intolerance)

7. Atheism and emotional intelligence (Cites relevant studies about atheists having lower emotional intelligence). See also: Atheism and alcoholism

8. Atheism and social intelligence (Cites relevant studies and historical data showing lower interpersonal skills within the atheist population)

9.Atheists suffer from a variety of anxieties that often the religiously devout do not suffer from or rarely suffer from (see: Atheism and anxiety).

10. Atheism and death anxiety (Cites relevant studies and historical data related to atheism/death anxiety and related matters)

11. Atheism and feelings of meaninglessness (Cites relevant information from studies and history)

12. Atheism and irrationality (Cites studies on irreligion/irrationality/superstitious beliefs and other relevant information)

13. Atheism and mental toughness

Atheism, emotions and morality

See also: Atheism and morality

A person with strong morals is better able to handle negative emotions and thoughts. Atheists lack objective morality. See: Atheism and morality

Moral failings commonly linked to the atheist worldview:

See also


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