Atheism and the Problem of Evil

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The problem of evil is a collection of philosophical arguments which claim that the existence of evil in the world contradicts the belief that there exists a God who is both wholly good and omnipotent. [1]

Defences to the Problem of Evil

Theodicy is the branch of study in theology and philosophy that defends the goodness of God despite the existence of evil.[2] In traditional Christianity and Judaism the book of Job is used to explain the existence of evil.[3] In recent times Christian apologists often cite Alvin Plantinga's free will defense in regards to the logical problem of evil.[4][5] The work of St. Augustine is also cited in regards to theodicy.[6] Dr. Ron Rhodes of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministry states regarding this issue regarding the existence of evil: is impossible to distinguish evil from good unless one has an infinite reference point which is absolutely good. Otherwise one is like a boat at sea on a cloudy night without a compass (i.e., there would be no way to distinguish north from south without the absolute reference point of the compass needle).

The infinite reference point for distinguishing good from evil can only be found in the person of God, for God alone can exhaust the definition of "absolutely good." If God does not exist, then there are no moral absolutes by which one has the right to judge something (or someone) as being evil. More specifically, if God does not exist, there is no ultimate basis to judge the crimes of Hitler. Seen in this light, the reality of evil actually requires the existence of God, rather than disproving it.[7]

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