Atheist obsession

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Many atheists become obsessed with their denial of God, Jesus, Hell, and the Gospels, as well as their obsessive defense of Richard Dawkins and Evolution. Their level of obsession ranges from flimsy attacks on Christianity and their even more pathetic attempts to "prove" evolution. Due to the struggle of living a life in sin and logical fallacies, the atheist no doubt needs to justify their own silliness to themselves and the world. The trouble arises from their lack of proof and evidence in their beliefs.

Examples of Atheistic Obsession

  • Obsessive accusations of Christianity
  • Obsessive denial of God
  • Obsessive "skeptical" thought
  • Obsessive profanity
  • Obsessive defense of Evolution
  • Obsessive historical revisionism
  • Obsessive deceit
  • Obsession on disproving Christianity
  • Obsession over their own self-righteous